Spend Time at the Castle of Thessaloniki

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Thessaloniki is one of those cities that has a lot to offer since it is both a modern city and an historical one. Like most places in Greece, it is an historical city with landmarks dating to ancient times. The Castle of Thessaloniki is one of those landmarks that people enjoy seeing. It is located in the Ano Poli, or the area known as the “Upper Town”, which is the highest part of the city. You can easily walk through the streets in the upper town and visit the various landmarks like the castle, browse in the shops, and eat a great meal. Here’s more information about what you need to do to visit the Castle of Thessaloniki:

Visiting the Castle of Thessaloniki

Before you can spend time at the castle, you need to first make your way to the Upper Town area of the city. On your way to the castle, you may also see various Greek Orthodox Churches, Crispus Square, as well as several other landmarks. The castle itself, which is also referred to as the Eptapyrgio, is actually an old fortress that is perched on a large hill that overlooks the Old Town of Thessaloniki. When you make your way to the castle, you will not only have a chance to explore the castle itself, but also take in the excellent view of the surrounding area.

Take a Tour of the Castle

While you are visiting the Castle of Thessaloniki, or the Eptapyrgio, you will want to take the time to explore the grounds. The fortress itself actually has an extensive wall, and the castle overlooks the town. However, you can also learn about it by taking a guided tour. It is interesting to note that the castle itself was built on the ancient Acropolis of the city, which means that there is more to learn here than what directly involves the castle. You can take a private guided tour, or simply take a moment to read about the history while looking around the gournds yourself. It is interesting to note that this part of the city really does have a rich history, so you will benefit from learning more about it.

Exploring the Surrounding Area

Along with the historical importance, the Upper City and Thessaloniki Castle stands out as an example of majestic beauty. The dead ends, narrow-paved streets, small clearings, the squares, and the famous buildings of the Macedonian architecture are both elegant and unique, which contributes to the uniqueness of the area. The area has many wonderful places where you can sit & have coffee and tea. You can taste some delicious and exquisite dishes in the popular historic taverns as well.

If you are fond of old towns and have a special fondness for sightseeing as well then this is certainly the perfect place for you. However, you need to be in a good shape so that you can walk extensively in order to discover the place on foot. The paths may get challenging as there are various slopes that you will need to pass, but it is adventurous nevertheless.

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