Spend Time at the Aquarium of Rhodes

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Rhodes is one of those islands that has enchanted people for centuries, especially since it is so unique. The Knights of Saint John had their headquarters here during the Middle Ages and there is also a rich, ancient history. The scenery here is also gorgeous and the beaches are considered some of the best in Greece.

Besides that, there are other things to do here, including visiting a world class aquarium. The Aquarium of Rhodes sits along the northern coast of Rhodes and is near the center of the city Rhodes. Its main objective is to preserve species native to the Mediterranean Sea and to educate visitors about them. Here’s more information:

About the Aquarium of Rhodes

The Aquarium of Rhodes, also known as the Old Town Aquarium, is housed in the Hydrobiological Station of Rhodes which was built during the 1930s when Rhodes was occupied by Fascist Italy. It was designed by the architect Armando Bernabiti, who gave it an Art Deco look. The facility was designed to enable researchers to study the fish, sponges, and hydrobiology of the Aegean Sea. It also housed an aquarium to educate the public about the marine creatures native to the area.

It was originally called the Royal Biological Research Institute of Rhodes until Greece regained control of Rhodes in 1945. Since 1963, the facility has been called the Hydrobiological Station of Rhodes, and it is run by the National Center of Marine Research. In the early 1970s, the Center added a museum to its facility. Since the 1980s, the Hydrobiological Station has been working to rescue and rehabilitate injured marine animals, particularly endangered species like the Mediterranean monk seal. The Station also organizes and hosts temporary exhibits.

The Aquarium has a separate holding facility for newly arrived specimens and for animals that require special handling. The staff also use the holding facility to treat wild seals and sea turtles that have been injured in the area.  The Hellenic Ministry of Culture declared the Hydrobiological Station of Rhodes to be a historically significant building worthy of preservation. They described it as a good example of “International Style” architecture.

Visiting the Aquarium of Rhodes

The Aquarium of Rhodes is located at the island’s northernmost tip. Visitors may drive there or take a taxi or bus. Street signs in the city will direct people to the aquarium. The Aquarium is north of Elli Beach and the Modern Art Museum. There is free parking for guests located at the front of the building. It is open most days except for Christmas, Greek Easter Sunday, and New Year’s Day. It is located in the building’s basement and is designed to resemble an underwater cave. It is made of stone and decorated with actual shells, while the floor is covered with black and white pebbles that form pictures of different animals.

There are tanks on both sides of the corridor, and they contain a total of 21,000 gallons (80,000 liters) of filtered seawater. The Aquarium is small with around 40 tanks containing native creatures that include sponges, sea anemones, clams, octopi, squids, and crustaceans. There is also a variety of fish that include lion fish, croakers, and moray eels. There are also flounder, rays, turtles, sharks, dolphins, and sea turtles to observe.

While on the Greek island of Rhodes, consider taking a break from seeing the historical sites and sitting on the beach in order to visit the Aquarium of Rhodes and observe some of the wildlife.

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