Ski Resorts to Visit in Greece

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When people think about traveling to Greece, typically they assume that they will be spending most of their time in tropical climates close to the Mediterranean. However, many will be surprised to find out that this climate isn’t the only thing you can find when exploring Greece; there are many places in Greece that allow you to not only experience colder climates, but also go skiing. Here are some of the ski resorts you can visit while in Greece:

Metsovo Ski Center

The Metsovo Ski Center is a great starting point for those looking for a varied ski experience. It is located high up at 1,650 meters, just outside of the town of Metsovo. Within the resort you’ll find three different resorts to choose from, with a good amount of variety in its slopes for the earliest beginners just as much as the most experienced skiers. One of the major benefits of the Metsovo Ski Center is the amenities that are also a part of it, as there is world-class food available at its restaurant and cafeteria, among other facilities.

Velouxi Ski Resort in Karpenissi

This resort is not necessarily notable for its height, but maintains an impressive roster of slopes. They are also notable for their ski and snowboard rentals, which allow people visiting to have access to some notable equipment from a variety of bands. It is also a very affordable place to take a trip, making it a great destination for those looking for a more accessible option.

Mount Falakro Ski Center

This resort is notable for its proximity to the Bulgarian border, but also for its impressive slope specifically designed for endurance races. Those interested in long-distance skiing will find this enjoyable while the kids will appreciate learning the ropes at the renowned Ski School. Since it is further north than many of the resorts, there is also a good amount of snow.

Mount Olympus Elatorchori Ski Center

One of the most iconic mountains in all of Greece, Mount Olympus deserves to be a skiing destination. Not only does the resort rest at an iconic 2,917 meters up the mountain, but there are also 6 different slopes for you to explore. A notable feature of this resort is how the slopes are huge and inviting while also retaining a family atmosphere. There are ski schools for the kids, slopes for the parents, and—when everybody’s done—you can take an afternoon drive to Athens, which is only a few hours away by car.

Ski Resort Voras Mount Kaimaktsalan

This resort boasts an enormous height of 2,480 meters and rests on the northern side of Mount Voras. Included in this resort’s offerings is a robust selection of challenging and truly daring slopes that will intimidate experienced skiers. Many celebrate this resort for this aspect, though, as it is a great example of some of the most thorough slopes you can find in Greece, the main reason why it’s so high on our list.

Most people don’t realize there are actually ski resorts in Greece! While the warmer months are definitely more popular, if you do find yourself in Greece in the winter, this is a good activity to do.

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