Tour the Gaia Winery in Santorini

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Santorini is a unique island for wineries. The soil here has unique properties because of the volcanic activity. Many o the wines produced on the island are enjoyed as table wines, but there are some wineries here that produce wines for people all over the world to enjoy. Gaia Winery is one of these places and if you’re on the island, you should definitely stop in for a tour and a tasting! Here’s more information:

About Gaia Winery

Founded in 1994 by Yiannis Paraskevopoulos and Leon Karatsalos, Gaia Wines aims to produce products for wine lovers all over the world. They strive to produce high-quality and competitive wines. In 1994, Gaia Wines released 9,600 bottles of Thalassitis, a Santorini P.D.O white wine. In 1996, Notios white wine was released, followed by Notios red in the same year. In 1997, a private vineyard in Nemea was established along with a new winery. Today, Gaia Winery has 17 labels and has won 150 national awards.

Visit the Gaia Winery in Santorini

The Gaia Wines winery in Santorini is open to visitors from May to October. The winery is located on the eastern side of the island between Monolithos and Kamari. The building where the winery is housed used to be where sun-dried tomatoes were produced. The building was redeveloped and turned into a modern winery. When you visit the winery in Santorini, you will be treated to a tour of the winemaking areas and samples of all the wines from both locations of Gaia Wines.

The Wines of Gaia Winery

The Santorini location of Gaia Wines produces Thalassitis, Thalassitis Oak Fermented, Assyrtiko by Gaia Wild Ferment, Vinsanto.

Thalassitis Wine

Thalassitis wine is produced from Santorini’s indigenous white grape variety, Assyrtiko. This wine has high acidity and the aroma of honey and fruits.

Thalassitis Oak Fermented

Thalassitis Oak Fermented wine is made from Santorini’s Assyrtiko grape and aged in oak that comes from the Nevers forest from France. There is also one that is ages in acacia barrels that come from Southern France. Thalassitis Oak Fermented wine has the aroma of vanilla, acacia fower, incense, and wood.

Assyrtiko Gaia Wild Ferment

The Assyrtiko Gaia Wild Ferment wine is fermented in French and American oak barrels and also acacia barrels. Each barrel produces a different character. Though Assyrtiko is a white wine, it acts like a red wine.


Vinsanto by Gaia is produced from grapes that are dried in the sun for ten days and then are exhaustively pressed for hours to get every last drop of the highly concentrated must. The must is then placed in oak barrels. The wine will take on a deep honey color, the aroma of figs and apricots, and the taste of coffee, bergamot, and fig. This sweet wine is balanced nicely with its acidity.

Aged Vinegar From Santorini

Gaia Winery also produces a rare vinegar called Aged Vinegar From Santorini. This vinegar is related to the production of Thalassitis wine.

Getting to the Gaia Winery Locations

To visit the Santorini location of Gaia Winery, you must first get to the island. Santorini has an airport, which makes it easy to get to from wherever you might be traveling from. Once on the island of Santorini, you will find Gaia Winery not far from the airport. It is located at Vrachies in Exo Gonia.

A visit to Gaia Winery in Santorini will add nicely to your visit to the island.


Gaia Winery

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