What to Do on Oia’s Main Street in Santorini

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Oia is one of those villages that seems to belong in another time. It’s also a place that seems to attract visitors from all over the world. They come here to experience a taste of this beautiful island, and even though the street is fairly short, there is plenty to do here. No matter where you are spending the majority of your time in Santorini, you should definitely make your way to Oia during your stay. Here’s a look at what you can do on the Main Street in Santorini:

Visit Amoudi Bay

Although this can be a bit of a climb on the way back up, you should take the time to visit Amoudi Bay while on the main street in Oia. Although there are some donkeys available that can take you up the steep pathway, the climb is something you can accomplish if you’re in decent enough shape. At the bottom of the trail, you’ll find plenty of tavernas serving fresh seafood, as well as a pretty area to lounge on the rocks and jump into the water. There are also some great views here.

Enjoy Sunset

One of the things that really makes this part of Santorini shine is the fact that some of the best sunsets in Greece can be experiences here. In the hours leading up to sunset, the main street that stretches through Oia has some wonderful vantage points to view the sunset. During certain times of year, you’ll begin to see eager visitors and locals congregating around certain areas because they know these are the best spots to view the legendary sunset. You may even see a few artists setting up their canvases so they can paint the sunset as it’s happening. This is definitely an experience you won’t want to miss!

Go Shopping

People who visit Oia report that this main stretch of road, while small, is filled with especially charming shops and boutiques to visit. This is where you can buy all your mementos of your trip to Greece. You can find all your standard souvenir shops as well as stores that offer things that are a little more unique, such as jewelry made from the volcanic rock that can be found on the island. There are also some art galleries on this strip, and you may even find some original art of the island to take home.

Eat a Great Meal

The island of Santorini is known for its delicious regional cuisine. In particular, the island has some great vineyards and is also known for having the ideal climate for growing tomatoes. You really can’t go wrong at any one of the charming restaurants, cafes, or tavernas that are part of the main street. No matter where you go, however, be sure to try some of the local wines and food specialties, such as the tomato croquettes, or domatokeftedes that are on nearly all of the menus.

While on the island of Santorini, you’ll definitely want to take the time to visit the main street in the village of Oia!

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