Come See the Breathtaking Sunset In Oia

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Oia is a small village in Santorini that overlooks the caldera. It is a stunning place that is made even more spectacular during sunset. The views from this village of the setting sun are amongst the best not only on Santorini, but in all of Greece. In fact, while on Santorini, you should see the sunset in Oia if you can, even if you aren’t staying near the village. It is worth the trip.

Enjoying the Sunset in Oia

There are many reasons why the sunset is so gorgeous in Oia. The village itself is quaint and traditional, so it forms the perfect backdrop for a nice sunset.  You’ll want to make sure that you have a plan for exactly how you will be enjoying the sunset here, and you should also arrive a bit early. A lot of people know how great the sunset is and the village gets busy. Here are some ideas for how you can see the sunset:

Oia Castle

The views from Oia Castle are stunning and everyone knows it. Unless you want to battle the crowds, you’ll need to get here a few hours in advance to secure your spot. If you do manage to get a good view here, you’re in for a treat because the views are stunning. Note that this won’t really seem like a castle since it was destroyed in an earthquake. Only the tower remains. The best views are near the tower!

Byzantine Castle Ruins

This is another great post to watch the sunset, and it isn’t as busy as Oia Castle. Sure, the crowds do still make their way here, but there aren’t as many of them. This is a bit of a hidden secret, but instead of heading to the top of the castle, head for its base. The views are still stunning and the crowd will be minimal because no one really thinks to head to the base of the ruins. Since Santorini overlooks the caldera, you don’t necessarily need to go up in order to see the sunset, and you don’t need to get here in advance since the crowds will be lighter.

Sunset Cruise

If you want a guaranteed way to have an unobstructed view of the sunset, you might want to consider getting yourself off the island and taking a special sunset cruise. These cruses can be so romantic, and they will give you a perspective on the sunset that you can’t get whole on land. A lot of people like to see the sunset this way, and if you are on Santorini during the peak tourist season, you should have an easy time finding a cruise to enjoy.

Of course, you won’t need to worry about tourist crowds if you travel to Oia, Santorini slightly off-peak. If you visit in May or September, for example, you might find that you can enjoy the sunset on a regular basis without the crushing crowds during the peak season. You also might want to consider getting a hotel overlooking the caldera, which means that if your room is in the correct spot, you could see the sunset daily from your balcony!


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