Best Beaches to Visit in Kassiopi, Corfu

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On the Greek island of Corfu, gorgeous villages dot the countryside. Some are landlocked, others hug the coast. Kassiopi is one of those places that is perched by the coast but it is also near some gorgeous mountains. This makes the scenery in the village and surrounding area absolutely top-notch. Because it is by the sea, there are also some stunning beaches to visit. When you’re not sightseeing or enjoying a meal in a traditional restaurant, you won’t want to miss the chance to visit one of these beaches, many of which have some gorgeous white sand. Here’s a look at some of the beaches you’ll want to find the time to visit:

Kalamionas Beach

Kalamionas is arguably one of the most attractive, and therefore one of the most beaches in Kassiopi, as well as in all of Corfu. Of course, every visitor to the island will have his or her own opinion, but everyone does agree that Kalamionas Beach is one of the best. It is is impeccably clean and is made up of crystalline water and white sand. The beach is also spotted with a large number of small pebbles so it is highly recommended to bring water shoes along. It is a relaxing beach where many come to enjoy swimming and diving as well as sunbathing. Kalamionas Beach is also close to some hotels, restaurants, and tavernas, which makes this a convenient beach for many situations. 

Bataria Beach

If you are looking for a beach that offers breathtaking views of the Albanian mountains, then Bataria Beach is the place to go. The vast vegetation, shiny pebbles, and crystal clear water all help to make this beach a hot spot for both locals and tourists alike. Even with its popularity, however, Bavaria keeps a low profile and the noisy crowds tend to stay away from this unspoiled, tranquil paradise. The beach even offers two rows of sun beds for those who are looking for a little extra comfort.

Avlaki Beach

Awarded the Blue Flag for its cleanliness and organization, Avlaki is one beach you certainly don’t want to skip. Due to its quiet, laid-back vibe, it is an ideal beach for couples and families. This beach also has sun beds as well as a few taverns that serve up delicious, local food. It is safe for families, as well, since the waters are so gentle. It is also a great beach for water sports. Small boats are available for hire at this beach, and many come here to enjoy a day of sailing or canoeing.

Pipitos Beach

Even though one must undertake a bit of rock climbing to reach this beach, Pipitos still remains one of Kassiopi’s most popular spots. Many adventurous travelers actually love the rock faces surrounding this beach that are waiting to be climbed. Of course, for those who like to stay away from the rocks, there is always plenty room on this beach to enjoy the views of the sea while lying out in the white sand. There are a lot of stunning views here!

While visiting Kassiopi on the island of Corfu, you’ll want to visit these beaches!

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