Soak Up the Sun at Tourlida Beach in Mesolongi, Greece

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Mesolongi is located in the western part of Greece. It is known for its gorgeous scenery and is nestled alongside a sea lake, near the Gulf of Patras.  Mesolongi has a reputation for its beautiful surroundings and lovely beaches, but remains most frequented by tourists and natives alike. Since it is so gorgeous, it stands to reason that there are places to soak up the sun, here. You won’t want to miss the chance to lounge on the beach!

Here’s more information about Tourlida Beach, one of the best beaches in the area:

Finding Tourlida Beach

The little town of Mesolongi is already pretty secluded, and the same is even more true of the beautiful Tourlida Beach. About 5 kilometers from Mesolongi, Tourlida Beach is actually a small islet that once was used as a place of refuge for ships prior to the creation of the harbor at Mesolongi.

Things To Do At Tourlida Beach

Two of the most popular activities to take part in when visiting Tourlida Beach are swimming in the peaceful waters and taking time to spot the local bird species that also frequent the beach. The beach received its name from the tourlides, a marine bird found on the beach. Tourlides are known as curlews in English. Other birds, such as the black salt marsh and white herons, come in large groups to the beach and elsewhere nearby.

Tourlida Beach features a main beach on the narrow islet, which generally remains sparsely occupied. Visitors can also stop at the small area located right before the main beach to swim and sunbathe. One of the main draws of Tourlida Beach is the fine, plentiful sand that lines the small islet. The best time to visit the beach is around sunset, when visitors can best marvel at the dying light as it plays off the tranquil waters.

Other Things to Do in Mesolongi

When stopping at the beautiful Tourlida Beach, you should also not miss the chance to see the Garden of Heroes. Situated at the center of Mesolongi, this monument commemorates the Exodus, in which the inhabitants of a besieged Mesolongi attempted to escape Ottoman forces in 1826. The monument is a lovely park to enjoy the warm weather and remember the bravery of Greek revolutionaries.

Visitors to Mesolongi should also take the chance to tour the Monastery of Agios Symeon, located on a hill above the small town. The surrounding environment can be easily seen from the monastery, which overlooks the town and the sea lake below.

Troulida Beach is tucked away, which means that it can feel like one of Greece’s best kept secrets. Make sure to stop in Mesolongi to make wonderful memories at this peaceful and secluded retreat. You can take part in fishing, like the locals, which can be a productive pastime on the beach. Or you can sit back and relax near to the lazy waters that lap at the shoreline of Tourlida Beach. You won’t want to miss it!

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