Where to Enjoy Corfu’s Rich History During Your Stay

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The Old Fort and Clock Tower at Corfu, GreeceWhen you set foot on Corfu, it’s easy to see why the island has such a rich history. The island is stunningly beautiful, and much of it is covered with beautiful evergreen trees. The British were amongst the first to travel to the island purely for leisure hundreds of years ago, and the island has hosted a lively tourist crowd ever since.

One of the things that becomes obvious when you visit is how historic the place really is. From the winding streets of Corfu town to the ancient ruins at the Paleopolis archaeological site, you can easily spend your entire stay exploring its history. Here are some of the best places to go in order to learn something about Corfu’s past.

Corfu Old Town

The Old Town located in Corfu Town is a living example of how historic the island really is. It officially became a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2007, but people have been visiting the Old Town to get a glimpse of the past long before that. Here, you will experience the winding, cobblestoned roads of the past while also glimpsing some of the older buildings. Within the Old Town, there are plenty of sites to take in, as well. You won’t want to miss the promenade located at Garitsa Bay or Spianadha, an esplanade that is located within its walls.

Achillon Palace

Another important historic site you won’t want to miss while visiting Corfu is the Achillon Palace.Kaiser Willhelm of Austria bought this palace in 1907 and immediately outfitted it with a statue of Achilles. This is where the Empress of Austria, Elizabeth, had her summer home. Elizabeth was the niece of King Otto of Greece.While here, you won’t want to miss climbing up the tower because this is where some of the most stunning views are.


Related to Paleopolis, there are two places that you absolutely must visit. The first is the Paleopolis archaeological site and the second is the Museum of Paleopolis that is located in Corfu Town. Essentially, this is the true, old city in Corfu and is located just south of Corfu Town. Spend some time wandering through the actual grounds. You can either take a guided tour or simply read the plaques that you encounter as you take the time to walk around yourself. Once you’re finished walking the grounds of the old city, you can then visit the Museum of Paleopolis to glimpse some of the artifacts and learn even more about Paleopolis.

Archaeological Museum

If you are interested in the history of Corfu, you also won’t want to miss the Archaeological Museum. Like most places in Greece, Corfu has a long history dating back to Ancient Greece. This museum is a great place to learn a bit about this history and to also catch a glimpse at some of the notable artifacts that were found on Corfu. This also includes some artifacts from Paleopolis, although most of those are at the Museum of Paleopolis.

While visiting Corfu, these places are ideal to visit if you’re interested in history!

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