Visit Kapodistrias Mansion on Corfu

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The Greek island of Corfu is rich in beauty and history. It is an enchanting island that has a regular stream visitors coming each year. One way to experience both of these is to visit Kapodistrias Mansion, which is part of the island’s history. Here’s what you should know about Kapodistrias Mansion on Corfu.

About Kapodistrias Mansion

Kapodistrias Mansion is located in the Mouragia Quarter of Corfu Old Town. It is close to the Museum of Asian Art. The mansion, along with Mouragia Quarter, can be seen if you are approaching the island by ferry from Italy or Igoumenitsa.

The mansion was the home of the first governor of the modern Greek State. It was built in 1840 based on the designs of an architect by the name of Ioannis Chronis. The mansion was built on the site of an older mansion also belonging to the Kapodistrias family. During the time of the Ionian State, the building was used as the residence of the president of the Ionian Senate. After the Union of the Ionian Islands, the offices of the prefecture were located in the building.

Kapodistrias – the Greek Head of State

As Greek Head of State, Kapodistrias modernized the country. He initiated many types of reforms. He even brought major diseases under control by introducing the first modern quarantine system to Greece. He also negotiated the borders of the new state with the Ottoman Empire and the Great Powers. In 1831m Kapodistrias was assassinated by the brother of the Maniote rebel leader Petrobey Mavromihalis who Kapodistrias had jailed for his role in the War of Independence.

During World War II, the mansion housed the Italian military offices. After the war, the prefecture would be housed there again. In 1977, the mansion was given to the Ionian University by the Greek Ministry of Education. The building would house, and still houses today, the Department of Foreign Languages, Translation, and Interpretation.

Visit Kapodistrias Mansion on Corfu

The location of Kapodistrias Mansion, elevated over the Faliraki Square, offers a wonderful view of the Gulf of Kerkyra. After you admire the view of the surrounding area, check out all the mansion has to offer. The mansion consists of four stories. The interior of the mansion has a marble staircase that leads to the first and second floors. The ceilings are made of wood and there are arches. The mansion has undergone restorations in recent years. There is an inscription at the entrance of Kapodistrias Mansion that states that Conte Ioannis Kapodistrias was born there in 1776.

Getting to Kapodistrias Mansion

You can get to the island of Corfu by ferries that depart from Igoumenitsa and Patra. The travel time from Patra is long at 7 hours, while the route from Igoumenitsa takes just 1 – 2 hours. If you are coming from Italy, you can take the ferry from Venice, Ancona, or Bari. Flights also arrive in Corfu at the International Airport “Ioannis Kapodistrias” from Athens, Preveza, and Thessaloniki and some European countries. Once on the island of Corfu, getting around by bus is a great option, but if you want to explore at your own pace, you can rent a car. The mansion is located in Corfu Ole Town.

If you’re spending time on Corfu, it is a good idea to get to know some of its history. The Kapodistrias Mansion is one of the sites you can see to do this.

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