Explore Vidos Island While in Corfu

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The Greek island of Corfu is undeniably beautiful. Located in the Ionian Sea, the island is rich in beautiful coastlines, caves, mountains, and fertile plains.

There are also two lakes and four rivers to be found in Corfu. Vidos Island is not far from Corfu, making it an easy trip. Although this island doesn’t look like it would have much to do, this couldn’t be furthest form the truth. It has a unique and interesting history, and the island has a gorgeous quality that you’ll be captivated by.

Here’s what you should know about Vidos Island, Corfu, including what to do while here:

About Vidos Island

Vidos island is located across from Corfu Town. The island, actually an islet, is small and has plenty of flora and fauna. The island of Vidos is a protected nature reserve. During ancient times, Vidos Island was known as Pythia and the Island of Hera. The strong fort on Vidos Island was also used as a prison. It was built by the French and later destroyed by the British. There is a Serbian mausoleum is located close to the port of Vidos. This is a memory of the thousands of Serbian soldiers who died of starvation and plague on Corfu during World War I and were buried there.

Vidos Island was used to house prisoners during the war and there is said to be a tunnel that runs underground from the old fortress to the island. According to legend, the tunnels were dug during the time when the Venetians ruled over Corfu. During the Venetian period, Vidos Island had many owners. One of the owners was names Guido Mali Pieri, whom the island is named after. Guido slowly became Vido and the “s” was added later.

Explore Vidos Island

Around the island of Vidos you will find beaches where you can relax and swim. Walking across the small island will lead you right to these beaches. There are also various coves to explore around the coast of the island. There is an outdoor cafeteria as well as a tavern where you can enjoy delicious meals and drinks while enjoying the view of the sea and Corfu Town.

The taverna known as Menios Taverna is located to the left as you come off the jetty. If you want to visit the mausoleum, get there by heading to the right when you come off the jetty. The island of Vidos is a wildlife sanctuary, so don’t be surprised to see a lot of rabbits and pheasants walking around.

The atmosphere of Vidos Island is tranquil as it is mostly abandoned and doesn’t receive a large amount of tourists. During the summer months, many seniors from Corfu live there to escape the heat. However, you will find that this island does make an excellent day trip, as well.

For a relaxing trip that is full of history, visit Vidos Island in Corfu, Greece. You will definitely find that it is a great place to visit for the day!

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