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Where to Shop in Elounda, Greece

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Elounda, Greece is a small town on the northern coast of the island of Crete. Elounda has a true relaxed and down-to-earth feel to it. Fishing boats sit in the little harbor, bars and taverns circle the harbor and extend farther through the town, and the waterfront promenade makes for the perfect stroll. When you visit Elounda, you will be treated to hiking trails, beaches, ancient ruins, and a view of Spinagola, a former leper colony.

If shopping is what you’re in the mood for when visiting Elounda, Greece, you’ve come to the right place.

Shop in Agios Nikolaos

The center of Agios Nikolaos city is the perfect place for a shopping trip. Agios Nikolaos is only 12 km from Elounda, so it’s not far out of your way, especially if you’re looking to spend a day shopping. You will find the best selection of shops here. In the city of Agios Nikolaos you will find designer labels, high-quality leather goods, beautiful jewelry, food items, and even local cosmetics.

Agios Nikoloas is where you’ll also find bookstores, art galleries, and kiosks that provide local and foreign press. You can’t go wrong spending a day in the charming city of Agios Nikolaos. Between browsing the wide selection of shops, you will find many taverns, restaurants, and cafés where you can relax.

Visit Local Boutiques

Elounda is home to some lovely boutiques where you can buy clothing and accessories. Each boutique is unique from the others. Every owner brings their own sense of style and taste into their shop to share with others. Some boutiques may have jewelry, handmade accessories, or local products.

Shop for Souvenirs

You will probably want to take souvenirs home with you to remind you of your trip to Elounda, Greece and to give as gifts to friends and family. Visit some of the souvenir shops in the area and you will find items ranging from clothing and other accessories to smaller items that you can display at home. If you enjoy seashells and other more unique items, such as hand-made ceramics and shark tooth necklaces, you can take home as souvenirs, you shouldn’t miss a visit to Paris Shells Shop.

Shop for Local Products

Around Elounda you will find shops that sell local products. Herbs, spices, and oils are just some of the products that may interest you. Imagine taking a taste of Elounda back home with you. Take home herbs from the Cretan hillsides and you’ll return to the area every time you smell and taste them. You may prefer to buy locally made soaps, which are made with olive oil and gentle on the skin. You can even buy utensils that are made from the wood of Cretan olive trees. Elounda, Greece is rich in local products for you to take home and enjoy.

There is no shortage of shopping in and around Elounda, Greece.

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