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Best Beaches to Visit in Rethymno, Crete

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Although Crete is part of Greece, the island has a unique charm all its own. The biggest island in Greece, Crete is home to many beautiful, coastal beaches. Since the island is so large, you could spend a whole summer exploring the beaches and not even scratch the surface.

If you find yourself in Rethymno, one of the cities on the island, you will find that you won’t be able to resist spending time at the beach. Here’s a look at some of the top beaches in the area:

Agia Galini Beach

Agia Gallina Beach is located in the Bay of Messara, which is essentially located at the base of a steep hill. You can take advantage of free umbrellas and sunbeds as long you buy food or a drink from the nearby Ammo Bar. The best way to make the most of Agia Galini Beach is to park at the top of the hill and walk down the stone path so you can enjoy majestic views.

After you relax at the beach, you can visit the shops and restaurants in the village. The only negatives here are a lot of boats in the bay and a steep climb back up the hill to your car. On the plus side, because of its location, this beach could feel

Bali Beach

You’re going to find a lot to do in Bali Beach, but this can also be confusing for some people because Bali Beach consists of four separate beaches. Here’s more information:

  • Limani Beach  has a lot of quaint restaurants and shops nearby to visit before or after visiting the actual beach. The beach itself is not very big, but it’s clean and well organized.
  • Karavostasis Beach has a small bay but is the most scenic of the four Bali beaches. However, it’s crowded and not as well maintained as the others.
  • Livadi Beach is your best bet if you’re looking for a beach with a lot of people and a lot of energy. The beach isn’t as scenic as the others, but it’s well maintained, especially for the amount of people that visit.
  • Varkotopos Beach is also crowded, but it’s more scenic than Livadi Beach. Since the water is shallow here, this is the best option of the four if you’re visiting with children.

Preveli Beach

Preveli Beach is a lot more than just a beach – there is a lot to do here. The beach itself is clean and lined by palm trees, and there is a 500-foot path to the beach that offers pretty views. This beach is pebbly so come prepared. The water here is deep so it’s not best suited for families and better for adults. You will also want to take advantage of the river and palm forest. The river is very cold, but that makes it ideal for summer months when you want to cool off.

Panormos Beach

Panormos Beach offers crystal clear water and soft sand. If you’re looking for a pure beach, this should be your #1 choice. This beach is also more of a hidden treasure and not as crowded as the others. Additionally, there are no motorized water sports, which keeps it tranquil. That said, it’s not recommended if you visit in June due to the wind.

Plakias Beach

Plakias Beach is different from the others because of its dark sand. It’s a little rocky here, but it’s worth it because you can rent an umbrella and sunbed and there are caves to explore. Once again, the umbrella and sunbed are free if you buy food and drink from the Ammo Beach Bar. Also, because of the clear water, this is a great spot to go snorkeling. This is a bigger beach, which allows for more space, but the water can get rough, which means it’s not the best option for kids.

While in Rethymno, Crete, you will definitely want to visit at least some of these beaches!

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