Learn About Marine Life at the Cretaquarium

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The island of Crete is a dream destination for anyone who wants to experience history, natural beauty, and adventure. Whether you’re traveling alone, with friends, or with children, you will want to visit the Cretaquarium in Crete, Greece where you can learn about marine life.

The Cretaquarium is located on the former American Base in Gournes, 14 km from Heraklion and the International Airport Nikos Kazantzakis. The Cretaquarium is easily accessible as the national road connects it with many other important destinations in the area. You can get to the Cretaquarium by taxi, bus, or car.

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About the Cretaquarium in Crete, Greece

The Cretaquarium, also known as Thalassokosmos, is the first large aquarium in Greece. It is a large and modern aquarium that attracts millions of visitors annually. The Hellenic Centre for Marine Research manages and operates the aquarium. The Cretaquarium has become an expert in presenting the species and ecosystems of the Mediterranean. It consists of 60 tanks of various sizes, which contain 2000 sea animals and 250 different species. Scenery in these tanks realistically represent the Cretan and Mediterranean sea beds.

The Aquarium of Crete is part of the largest complex for marine research, technology, and entertainment in the Mediterranean. The aquarium strives to be a medium for promoting and popularizing knowledge and innovation generated by the HCMR and the global marine research industry. The aquarium wants to offer a unique experience that will fascinate children and adults alike in order to educate and inform people about the Mediterranean fish species and habitats.

Learn About Marine Life at the Cretaquarium

When you visit the Cretaquarium you will be able to explore the tanks that bear labels with the names of the species you are viewing. Throughout your tour of the aquarium you will see touchscreens that will offer you more information about the Mediterranean Sea, its ecology, and species. Audio guide devices are available during your visit and will allow you to learn at your own pace as you explore the Cretaquarium. These audio tours are available in a number of languages as well. You can take a tour of the Cretaquarium with a specially trained staff member who can explain things as you go. These tours are offered in English and Greek.

During your visit the the Cretaquarium you will see species that include stingrays, red scorpion fish, sand tiger sharks, colorful jellyfish, the Caretta Caretta sea turtle, and dusk grouper. The diet for the fish and other sea animals is prepared daily and consists of mussels, squids, and prawns to name a few. The Cretaquarium is the a great way to learn about various species, the environment they live in, and how they eat.

If you are visiting with young children, the Cretaquarium offers special tours that are playful and experiential. These tours are intended to teach young children about the underwater world of the Mediterranean in a fun and imaginative way. This tour lasts about one hour.

While on the Greek island of Crete, you’ll want to stop in on the Cretaquarium to learn about the marine life!



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