Take These Island Day Trips While Visiting Santorini

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It’s true that the island of Santorini has more than enough to keep you busy during your stay. You can go to the beach, enjoy the landmarks and historical sites, and eat the delicious traditional food.

Despite that, you might just want to take some time to see another island. The good thing about taking an island day trip is that you don’t need to move your belongings to another hotel. You can simply spend time on that island for the day and then come back to Santorini by the evening.

Here’s a look at some of the island day trips you can take while visiting Santorini, Greece:


If you want to get away from the tourist crowds and head to the beach, Anafi is a good island to visit. This is the place to be if you want to enjoy sprawling, sandy beaches. While there are still people enjoying the beaches, it won’t be too hectic. The beaches on Santorini tend to feel overcrowded since there aren’t many of them. There are ferries that run on a regular schedule between Santorini and Anafi. This island is also a popular spot for kayakers and you can rent equipment once you arrive.


This island is another popular place to visit as a day trip from Santorini. This is an especially popular hideaway for Greeks that want to spend some time away. They head here in search of sun, good food, and relaxation. Mostly, they are eager to escape the tourist crowds that islands such as Santorini experience. Santorini visitors can easily hop on a ferry because they run on a regular schedule between the two islands. Folegandros has several popular beaches to check out, including Livadaki Beach and Agali Beach. This is also one of the best islands in Greece for scuba diving.


There are some resorts on Naxos so the island does see some tourist activity. However, since the island is tucked away, it’s not as popular of a hub. For those visiting Santorini, it provides a nice escape from the island’s crowds. Besides the beaches, visitors can head to sites such as the Temple of Dionysisus and the Venetian Museum before they head home. It’s an easy ferry ride from Santorini, just be sure to check the schedule.


Do you want to visit Mykonos but don’t want to spend a lot of time there? The island of Mykonos is extremely close to Santorini and you can either take a ferry or a flight in order to get there. The ferry is by far the easiest option, and they run on a regular schedule. Spend time enjoying the parties and beaches, or you might even want to take a tour before heading back to your hotel on Santorini. Although one day isn’t enough time to really see the island, you can still get a nice overview of the place.

Be sure to visit these smaller islands for a nice change of scenery during your vacation to Santorini. The great thing about these day trips is that you don’t need to take the time to move to a new hotel or resort. You can enjoy these places for the day and then return to Santorini for the evenings.

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