Outdoor Sports to Enjoy in Lesvos, Greece

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Lesvos, Greece is an island blessed with natural beauty. The gorgeous beaches, forests, and waterfalls make it any nature lovers dream destination. As the third largest island of Greece, there is so much to explore. For anyone who loves adventure, Lesvos should be on their list of places to visit. Here are the outdoor sports one can enjoy when in Lesvos, Greece.

Go Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is an ideal activity to participate in on the island of Lesvos thanks to its diverse landscape. There are trails that will take you from the rural roads to specially designed cycling routes. You can find these around the island. One lovely route begins in Gera at Mount Karyonas and goes through the villages of Skopelos, Papados, and Plomari. Mountain biking is a wonderful way to explore the island while enjoying this adventurous sport. There are routes of different lengths and difficulties.

Enjoy Hiking Around Lesvos

Lesvos Island is one of the most beautiful places for hiking. When hiking, you will see not only the natural beauty of the island, but the monuments and views of the sea and surrounding areas. There are many hiking trails around Lesvos, Greece. One trail goes right through the chestnut forest in Agiassos. If you happen to be visiting the island in October and hike this trail, you’ll have the chance to taste the delicious chesnuts.

Another hiking trail on the island begins in the village of Molyvos and leads up to the medieval castle of Molyvos as well as the forest of Kastelia. If you’re interested in visiting the Petrified Forest of Lesvos, you’ll be glad to know there are trails for hiking in that area. The Petrified Forest was created 20 million years ago due to intense volcanic activity at the time.

Go Diving

The coastline of the island of Lesvos is ideal for diving. Diving centers are located at the beaches of Petra, Mytilene, and Haramida. There are many amazing places around the island to dive and explore under the water including the Cave of Fara, the reef of Mirmingi, and the wall of Orgy. There are a number of wrecks that also make exciting dive locations. Some of these include the wrecks at Korakas, Vatera, Lamna, and Agios Fokas. The wreck at Korakas is not a difficult dive site. The wreck itself is a cargo ship that sunk in 1942. The maximum depth of this dive is 30 meters. Visibility is excellent and in addition to the wreck itself you will see lovely flora and wildlife.

Try Kite Surfing in Lesvos

The island of Lesvos can get windy, making it the perfect place to go kite surfing. On Sigri Beach there is a kite surf center where there is equipment for rent and a surfbar where you can get snacks and drinks. There are also sun beds for rent. If you’ve never been kite surfing before, you can take a lesson here either as a group or individually. In addition to kite surfing equipment, you can also rent bikes or stand-up paddle boards.

Indulge your adventurous side in Lesvos, Greece.

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