Interesting Ways to Enjoy Greek Baklava

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Although it is also present in other cuisines, baklava is arguably one of the most popular of all the Greek desserts. We all have our own special way of making it, and recipes can vary depending on the region of Greece and the family. Besides that, there are several different variations of baklava, as well as fun ways to make other desserts with baklava. For example, baklava sundaes are made with ice cream, baklava, and whipped cream and are a popular dessert. Here are some of the top ways to enjoy baklava:

Classic Baklava Recipe

This classic baklava recipe is made with walnuts, spices like cinnamon, and a honey and sugar syrup. Our version of the syrup also includes citrus rind such as lemon or orange. Each brings something different to the table. When it comes time to add the syrup, keep in mind that everyone likes a different texture of baklava. You might want to hold back on the syrup a bit so that it doesn’t get soggier than you would like.

Chocolate Baklava

Chocolate isn’t a traditional ingredient in baklava, but it sure is a delicious one. Some versions of chocolate baklava work the chocolate into the phyllo. Our version drizzles the chocolate over the walnuts while composing the baklava. Either way, you might want to back off on some of the spices a bit so that the chocolate is front and center.

Baklava Cheesecake

Baklava cheesecake is one of the best and most unique ways to enjoy baklava. There are several variations of this recipe, but the easiest way to make it is to follow a traditional cheesecake recipe and a traditional baklava recipe, and then top the finished cheesecake with crumbled baklava. You can also follow our recipe.

Baklava Sundae

If you want to make a simple and delicious dessert. All you need is ice cream, chopped baklava, whipped cream, and maybe even some caramel sauce. The fun of this recipe is that you can do anything that you want for this. You can choose any ice cream flavor you want, use different types of syrups, add other toppings, et cetera. You can customize this to your personal tastes.

Round Baklava 

Traditionally, baklava is made in either a large pan or in small, triangular packets. This is a fun variation, but making it requires some slight changes to the original recipe. It is worth trying this out because the round ropes that you need to make in order to make these round pieces end up adopting a different texture and a slightly different flavor.

When it comes to baklava, you don’t need to stick to the traditional way of eating it. These fun variations are satisfying and delicious.

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