How to Make Greek Wine at Home

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Bunch of grapes near a glass of wineDo you know someone who makes his own wine at home? Whether you have your own grape vines in your back yard, you source the grapes, or you simply use grape juice or grape juice concentrate, when Greek people make their own wine, they’re tapping into an ancient tradition. I only ever made my own wine accidentally when I let a bottle of grape juice get so old in the refrigerator that it had turned into an alcoholic beverage. I sampled it, and I wouldn’t recommend this as a great method for making wine. It didn’t taste good, and I was unsure if I had created something that was so filled with harmful bacteria that I was putting my health at risk by tasting it.

There are much better methods for making wine at home. In order to make it truly “Greek”, try to get a hold of some of the more traditional grapes that the Greek wines are made of such as athiri, aidani, and lagorthi. However, if you aren’t in Greece it may be difficult to find them. Use whatever is available to you, and you’ll find success.

Using Your Own Grapes

Do you have your own grapes that you’d like to use? If so, you’ll need to follow the full method for making wine from start to finish. Here’s a great video:

Note that the winemaker is very careful. He measures at every stage, and he’s conscious of keeping the process as sanitary as possible. You absolutely need to kill any harmful bacteria. It not only makes your wine taste bad, but it can also make you sick!

From Grape Concentrate

When I made my wine by accidental means, I was using a pretty common method that home wine makers use frequently; I just didn’t realize it. They buy grape concentrate and make their wine out of that. When you can use the right concentrate, it completely eliminates the need to grow, wash, and press your own grapes. However, the method is always the same for storing the juice and waiting for it to ferment. The key is to make sure that all containers you use are sterilized. You can often buy grape concentrate from special suppliers specifically to make your own wine. If you would like to use grape concentrate, follow this video:

Enjoying Your Homemade Greek Wine

Homemade Greek wine is more popular than we realize – especially in Greece. Even though the wine tasted fairly good, I do admit that wine made by established winemakers does taste a little better. However, wine is more about the social occasion and enjoying each other’s company than the flavor itself. In the Greek culture, wine represents health, nourishment, and even hospitality. The fact that someone took the time to make the wine from scratch makes them part of a tradition that started in Ancient Greece. In the end, all that’s left to do is enjoy it! This wine pairs well with just about anything, just don’t be discouraged if your first batch doesn’t meet your expectations. With a little practice, you’ll be an expert in no time!

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