What to Know About Greek Beer

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When you think of Greek food and drink, chances are pretty good that beer won’t even come to mind. Yet, Greek beer does exist and it’s a fairly common beverage at tavernas and bars throughout Greece. There is some debate as to when beer came to modern Greece. Some believe that beer started gaining momentum after Prince Otto of Bavaria became King of Greece. No matter how it arrived, it is true that it is pretty common nowadays.

Despite the fact that Greeks aren’t known for their beer, there are a few Greek beers that you absolutely should try! Here are some of the most common beers that you’ll find in Greece:


When most people think of Greek beer, Mythos is what comes to mind because it can be found throughout Greece and has also made its way to other countries. A particular favorite is the Blond Lager, which has achieved popularity throughout Greece. However, the darker style beer is also fairly common, particularly in the colder weather. Mythos also makes the German-sounding “Kaiser” beer, which is made with German standards but is still definitely Greek!

FIX Brewery

FIX, or FIX HELLAS, is a beer is as traditional as beer can get in Greece. The brewery was actually founded in 1864 in Athens by a Bavarian family who traveled to Greece because of the King of Greece, who was also from Bavaria. After a break, it reentered the beer market in 2010 and has become a fairly popular choice amongst the older generations. Before it reentered the market, the company actually went out of business entirely in 1983. Now, it’s a nostalgic choice that still delivers on flavor.

Athenian Brewery

The Athenian Brewery produces several popular Greek beers that have all achieved popular status. Pils Hellas is a blond beer that is brewed to German standards, but is made completely in Greece. Other beers they produce include Bios 5, which only has five ingredients, Alfa, a blond lager, and Marathon, a dark beer that is even popular outside of Greece.

Santorini Brewing Company

Santorini Brewing Company takes advantage of the unique climate and conditions of the island. This was the first brewery on the island and they make some unique beers. They are an especially popular choice amongst locals and tourists alike. They have a variety of beers in their repertoire, including Crazy Donkey, which is the first IPA ever produced in Greece.

Thrace Brewery

Thrace Brewery, also referred to as Macedonian Thrace Brewery, is another top producer of Greek beer. The brewery is located in a region of Macedonia known as the Komotini region. This area was specially selected for its pure source of spring water. Eventually, the brewery launched the first official beer that was considered 100% Greek called Vergina Premium Lager. Over time, the brewery considerably expanded the line of Vergina Greek beers.

Zeos Brewery

Zeos Brewery is especially known for its purity standards. They have built their reputation on using the highest quality ingredients for their beers that they can find. They are also known for not using any preservatives or additives in their beer. They have a handful of popular beers that they make, such as the Zeos Pilsner and Zeos Weiss beer.

Septem Brewery

The Septem Brewery is made in Orologio which is on the Greek island of Evvia. They don’t pasteurize the beer, which is a process they believe ruins the innate flavors of the beer. They also adhere to a strict rule of quality and have high standards. The beers they make include Sunday’s Honey Golden Ale, Monday’s Pilsner Beer, andThursday’s Premium Red Ale Beer.

Even though Greece isn’t known for its beer, a beverage like beer has been enjoyed in Greece since ancient times.

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