How to Make Greek Recipes Gluten Free

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As we learn more about our food and how it makes us feel, many of us have had to switch to a gluten free diet. The problem is, many of our favorite Greek foods use traditional flour, which means that these foods are filled with gluten. The good news is that for most recipes, it is possible to make some easy switches that will turn any dish into a gluten free one.

Use Gluten Free Pasta

Many of the most popular Greek dishes use pasta. The problem is, traditional pasta uses wheat flour or semolina, both of which have gluten. Most supermarkets these days have gluten free versions of the most common types of pasta out there. Even if a Greek dish calls for a specialty Greek pasta, such as this Greek Square Noodles with Meat Sauce Recipe, you can find a gluten free substitute that will work, such as gluten free orzo. If you are making your own pasta, substitute the flour listed in the recipe for a gluten free flour, such as rice flour. Go here to find a homemade pasta recipe where you can substitute for a gluten free flour. 

Make Your Own Gluten Free Phyllo

Phyllo is an essential ingredient for many of our most beloved foods, such as baklava, spanakopita, and tiropita. Commercial phyllo that you buy in a store has gluten in it, and it is difficult, if not impossible, to find gluten free phyllo dough. The solution here is that you can make your own and when you do, simply use gluten free flour, such as rice or corn flour. You can also buy gluten free flour blends that are designed especially for baking. Here’s a recipe for phyllo dough you can use, just remember to substitute for the right kind of flour!

Use Gluten Free Flour

Another area where not being able to eat gluten might be a problem is when it comes to Greek desserts, pastries, and bread. The problem is, many of these recipes get much of their texture from the gluten. This is especially true for bread recipes, where gluten is a part of the baking process. These problems can be solved, however, by purchasing the right type of gluten free flour.

For example, you could easily purchase gluten free blends specifically for making pastries, or other blends for making bread. This is not an exact solution because many of these recipes rely too much on having the right kind of flour. However, you can come pretty close by purchasing the right type of gluten free flour for the situation.

Following a gluten free lifestyle often has its challenges. Luckily, it is possible to eat many of your favorite Greek foods by making a few, simple substitutions in the way you cook.

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