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Top Greek Music Charts for Week of February 1, 2016

Listen to the Weekly Greek Top 40 New Music Online Playlist by for the Week of February 1, 2016!

Every week will update this playlist featuring the newest Top 40 hits on the Greek music charts so be sure to keep checking back! You can listen to the top Greek music hits here on your desktop or bring the music with you. This weekly top 40 new Greek music charts are determined by a combination of submissions from website visitors, music charts in Greece and plays on the website.

The weekly Top 40 Greek Music charts are put together by the Salonica Boys, the #1 Greek DJs in Boston and New England! 

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Here are the songs that are part of our weekly Top 40 Greek music playlist:

  1. “Zise Mono to Taxidi by Giorgos Tsalikis”
  2. “Fovase Re? (Vgeno Pino) by Stamatis Gonidis and Giorgos Tsalikis”
  3. “Otan Me Koitas by Hlias Brettos”
  4. “To Syberasma by Konstantinos Argyros”
  5. “Mia Kalispera” by Giannis Ploutarhos
  6. “Tainia Fantasias by Boys & Noise & OGE”
  7. “Kai Petao Psila by Ilias Vrettos”
  8. “Kaigomai by Christos Menidiatis”
  9. “As Ftaio Panta Ego by Elli Kokkinou”
  10. “H Pio Oraia Stin Ellada” by Konstantinos Personas
  11. “Apopse by Vegas”
  12. “Apo Asteri se Asteri by Panos Kiamos”
  13. “Tous Eipes Pos (Pop Version) by Malu”
  14. “This Is Summer by Kalomoira”
  15. “As Einai Psema by Kings”
  16. “Ta Kalokairia by Stelios Rokkos”
  17. “Nixtes Sti Mikono by Katerina Naka”
  18. “De me rixneis twra pia by Vasiliki Ntanta”
  19. “Oxigono by Sakis Arseniou”
  20. “Free by Giorgos Tsalikis Ft. Gabi”
  21. “Spaste Ta Ola by Giorgos Tsalikis”
  22. “Spirto By Panos Kalidis”
  23. “To Kalokairi by Dionisis Schinas”
  24. “Kafto Kalokairi by Ominus Ft. Alkmini”
  25. “Pirkagia by Pantelis Pantelidis”
  26. “Gyrna by Manos Krass”
  27. “San Esena by, Thanos Petrelis”
  28. “Me Stenaxorie by, Stan”
  29. “To Ravasaki by Giorgos Tsalikis”
  30. “Kamia den tha ‘ne san emena by Amarylus”
  31. “Oso kai na Thes by James Sky feat. Eleftheria Eleftherio”
  32.  “Deikse Mou by Kaiti Garbi feat. Giorgos Papadopoulos”
  33.  “Mia Zoi sta Kokkina by Xristina Gerani”
  34.  “Na Sou Po by Pantelis Pantelidi”
  35.  “Poso Ligo M’agapas by Panos Kiamos”
  36.  “Skoupise ta Podia by Pantelis Pantelidis”
  37.  “Pes Mou feat. Christina Miliou by Thanos Petrelis
  38.  “Ase Me Emena by Panos Kiamos”
  39.  “MOY FTANEI NA EXO ESENA by Giorgos Giannias”
  40. “Hirotera (Master Tempo Remix) by Eleni Hatzidou”
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