Greek Orthodox St. George Cathedral in Springfield MA

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St. George Greek Orthodox Cathedral
22 St. George Road
Springfield, MA 02720
Phone: (413) 737-1496

About St. George Greek Orthodox Cathedral

From the Church’s Website:

As over one hundred years have passed, the community has changed in many ways. While we are still very much a Greek Orthodox Church, the community is now made up of Orthodox Christians from several countries including Lebanon, Russian, Georgia, Romania, and, of course, from Greece. We have also welcomed many others from a variety of Christian traditions and more nationalities than we could ever count. We are now baptizing children that are from the fourth and fifth generation born in this country. Much has changed but one thing still remains the same: the Orthodox Faith and Traditions that have been with us and our ancestors for twenty centuries. As a Church of God, it is progress on the spiritual front that we continue to seek and to strive to accomplish as a community. With God’s grace and the unwavering faith of the parishioners, that progress will continue for many years to come.

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