Greek Baby Names That Begin With A

Check below to find dozens or even hundreds of Greek baby names that begin with the letter A for both boys and girls and learn what they mean! If we missed names feel free to email us we’ll add it to our list.

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Name M/F Origin Meaning rating
Acacia Greek thorny, naive
Acantha Greek thorny
Achilles Greek handsome Greek
Achlys Greek mist, darknesss
Adara Greek, Arabic beauty, virgin
Adelphos Greek brother
Adamantia Greek Diamond
Ademia Greek without husband
Admes Greek N/A
Adonia Greek beautiful
Adonis Greek man loved
by aphrodite, handsome
Adrastos Greek undaunted
Adrian Greek, Latin rich, wealthy,
dark one
Adrienne Greek, Latin rich, wealthy,
dark one
Aeneas Greek worthy of
Aetos Greek eagle
Agalia Greek Bright Joy
Agamemnon Greek Resolute
Agape Greek love of the
Agatha Greek good, kind
Agatone Greek good, kind
Aglaia Greek wisdom, glory
Agnes Latin, Greek lamb, pure,
Agneta Greek, Germanic pure
Aileen Greek, Celtic light, green
Airlia Greek ethereal
Ajax Greek Strong Warrior
Alala Greek war goddess
Alannis Greek From Atlanta
Alcander Greek strong
Alcina Greek strongminded
Alec Greek Protector
of Men
Alena Greek, Slavic pretty, light
Aleta Greek Truthful One
Aletha Greek Truthful One
Alethea Greek truthful one
Alex Greek Protector
of Mankind
Alexa Greek Protector
of Mankind
Alexander Greek protector
of mankind
Alexandra Greek Protector
of Mankind
Alexandria Greek Defender of
Alexandrina Greek Helpful one
Alexia Greek Defender of
Alexis Greek Protector
of Mankind
Alice Old German,
noble, truth
Alida Greek, Latin beautiful
dressed, small winged one
Aliki Greek Noble
Alisa Greek Rational
Alisha Greek Truth, Noble
Alkiviadis Greek unknown
Alpha Greek First Born
Altair Arabic, Greek bird, star
Althea Greek healer, wholesome
Alvis Greek Thor’s Daughter
Alysa Greek princess
Alysia Greek Bond, captivating
Alyssa Greek logical
Amarus Greek unfading love
Amaryllis Greek Fresh Flower
Amberly Greek Ruler of the
Ambrose Greek immortal
Amethyst Greek a precious
Anastacia Greek variant of
Anastasia Greek resurrection
Anastasios Greek resurrection
Anatola Greek From the East
Anatole Greek from the East
Andra Greek Strong &
Andrea Greek Courageous
Andreas Greek Strong &
Andreus Greek son of river
Andrew Greek, French manly, valiant,
Andromeda Greek beautiful
maiden rescued by perseus
Andrunicus Greek conqueror
Andy Greek Manly
Anemone Greek breath, windflower
Anesia Greek relaxing
Angel Greek Angelic
Angela Greek heavenly messenger
Angeliki Greek heavenly messenger
Angelo Greek heavenly messenger
Anieli Greek manly
Aniston Greek light of my
Anker Greek manly
Anna Greek Love, hope,
Anne Greek beauty
Anneliese Greek consecrated
and gracious
Anstice Greek One Who Will
Rise Again
Anteia Greek wife of sea-god
Anthea Greek lady of flowers
Anthony Latin, Greek priceless,
flourishing, flower
Anthoula Greek flower
Antonia Latin, Greek priceless,
flourishing, flower
Aphrodite Greek Goddess of
Apolline Greek sunshine,
warmth and strength
Apollo Greek God of truth
and light
Apostolis Greek warrior
Appollo Greek God of the
Aqua Greek Of the Water
Aradia Greek Goddess of
Archelos Greek Champion
Ardelis Greek Industrious
Ares Greek god of war
Aretha Greek the best,
Areti Greek virtuous
Aretina Greek virtuous
Argus Greek bright, watchful
Argyro Greek silver
Ariadne Greek, Latin melody, very
holy one
Ariana Greek Holy
Arianna Greek Holy
Aric Greek Form of Richard
or Eric
Aricia Greek princess of
the royal blood of Athens
Arion Greek musician
Arissa Greek Best
Aristides Greek Best
Aristo Greek best
Arsen Greek strong
Arsenio Greek manly, virile
Artemas Greek Safe
Artemis Greek moon
Artemisia Greek belonging
to artemis
Artemus Greek Of the moon
Asasia Greek Form of Acacia
Asia Greek East
Asimina Greek Silver
Aspasia Greek welcomed
Astra Greek like a star
Astrid Greek, Old
star, super
strength, divine strength
Astro Greek Of the Stars
Atalanta Greek Mighty Huntress
Atalo Greek Youthful
Atea Greek Goddess of
Athan Greek immortal
Athanasia Greek wisdom
Athanasios Greek immortal
Athena Greek goddess of
Atlas Greek Son of Zeus
Attis Greek handsome boy
Aure Greek breeze, soft-air
Aurora Greek beautiful
Avel Greek Breath
Axelia Greek protector
of mankind

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