Greek Baby Names That Begin With D

Check below to find dozens or even hundreds of Greek baby names that begin with the letter D for both boys and girls and learn what they mean! If we missed names feel free to email us we’ll add it to our list.

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Name M/F Origin Meaning rating
Dahlia Greek Flower named
for botanist A. Dahl
Damalis Greek one who gentles
Damara Greek gentle girl
Damaris Greek, Hebrew heifer
Damaskani Greek grapes wine
is made from
Damen Greek taming
Damia Greek Goddess of
Forces of Nature
Damian Greek tamer, divine
power, fate
Damien Greek Sweet and
Damon Greek, English constant,
Danae Greek mother of
Daphne Greek laurel, bay
tree, victory
Dard Greek Son of ZEUS
Darius Greek, Latin He who Upholds
the Good
Dasha Greek gift of god
Dea Greek Goddess
Deacon Greek servent, messenger
Deianira Greek wife of heracles
Delbin Greek dolphin, flower
Delia Greek visible from
Delphina Greek Little flower
Delphine Greek calmness
Delta Greek Mouth of a
Demeter Greek Lover of the
Demetra Greek Goddess of
Demetri Greek lover of the
earth, given to the Earth goddess
Demetria Greek Goddess of
Demetrius Greek lover of the
earth, given to the Earth goddess
Demitrius Greek Lover of the
Denes Greek, Hungarian wine, drama
Denise Greek of dionysus
Dennis Greek of dionysus
Deo Greek godlike
Desdemona Greek ill-fated
one, misery
Desma Greek Pledge, Bond
Despina Greek N/A
Dessa Greek Roaming
Diamantina Greek Diamond
Diamanto Greek N/A
Diana Greek Divine
Dianne Greek Celestial
Diantha Greek Divine Flower
Dianthe Greek divine flower
Diarria Greek N/A
Dimos Greek N/A
Dinos Greek Dim. of Constantine
Dion Greek God of Wine
and Revelry
Dionne Greek divine queen
Dionysia Greek saint of athens
Dionysius Greek God of Wine
& Revelry
Donnika Greek Greek warrior
Dora Greek gift
Dorcas Greek A Gazelle
Dore Greek A Gift
Dori Greek Gift
Doria Greek place name
Dorian Greek place name
Dorinda Greek gift of god,
beautiful one
Doris Greek a dorian woman,
of the sea
Dorota Greek, Spanish God’s gift
Dorothea Greek From the name
Dorothy Greek a gift of
Dot Greek Gift of God
Dotty Greek Gift of God
Drea Greek Courageous
Dreama Greek joyous music
Drew Old French,
sturdy, vision
Dunixi Greek God of Wine
Dymas Greek father of
Dyna Greek powerful
Dysis Greek sunset
Dysthe Greek N/A


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Greek Baby Names

Jan 17th, 2014