Greek Baby Names That Begin With P

Check below to find dozens or even hundreds of Greek baby names that begin with the letter P for both boys and girls and learn what they mean! If we missed names feel free to email us we’ll add it to our list.

Also, don’t forget to check what your child’s future name day will be as well in our Name Day listing.


Name M/F Origin Meaning rating
Pacifica Greek Peace
Pallas Greek Understanding
Pam Greek Honey
Pamela Greek honeyed
Pamelia Greek Covered With
Panagiota Greek Holy
Panagioti Greek Holy
Pandora Greek talented one
Panorea Greek beyond beautiful
Panos Greek a rock
Panthea Greek of all the
Paraskevi Greek holy saint
Paris English, Greek city name;
name of a God
Parrish Greek Neighborhood
Parthena Greek Holy
Pasha Greek To Pass Over,
Born on Easter
Paskalis Greek Understanding
Pat Greek Of Noble Descent
Pavlo Greek small, humble
Pax Greek Peace
Pearly Greek A jewel
Peder Greek stone
Pegeen Greek a pearl
Pelagia Greek from the sea
Pello Greek Stone
Penelope Greek weaver
Penney Greek Silent Worker
(from Penelope)
Pennie Greek Silent Worker
(From Penelope)
Penny Greek Silent Worker
(From Penelope)
Penthea Greek fifth, moruner
Peony Greek flower name
Peri Greek Lives in the
Pericles Greek Ruler of Athens,
Founder of Democracy
Peristera Greek Dove
Persayus Greek priestess
Persephone Greek goddess of
the underworld
Peter Greek Rock, stone
Petra Greek Rock, stone
Phaedra Greek Glowing
Phil Greek Lover of horses
Phila Greek Love
Philadelphia Greek brotherlylove
Philana Greek adoring
Philander Greek Lover of Mankind
Philantha Greek Lover of Flowers
Philena Greek Lover of Mankind
Philip Greek horse lover
Philippa Greek horse lover
Phillip Greek Lover of Horses
Phillipa Greek Lover of horses
Philomena Greek song lover,
friend, lover of the moon
Philyra Greek To Love Music
Phineas Greek, Egyptian oracle; dark-skinned
Phoebe Greek bright one
Phoena Greek mystical bird,
Phoenix Greek mystical bird,
Photis Greek light
Photoulla Greek light, brightness
Phylicia Greek Fortunate
Phyliss Greek Green Leaf
Phyllis Greek leafy branch,
Pirro Greek Red-haired
Plato Greek Strong Shoulders
Platon Greek broad-shouldered
Polyxeni Greek many strangers;strange
Pomona Greek Apple
Prokopia Greek well-behaved
Psyche Greek the soul
Ptolema Greek N/A
Ptolemy Greek N/A
Pyralis Greek Of Fire
Pythia Greek prophet


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Jan 17th, 2014