Greek Baby Names That Begin With T

Check below to find dozens or even hundreds of Greek baby names that begin with the letter T for both boys and girls and learn what they mean! If we missed names feel free to email us we’ll add it to our list.

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Name M/F Origin Meaning rating
Tabitha Greek, Hebrew gazelle, roe-buck
Talia Hebrew, Greek,
Australian Aboriginal
dew from heaven,
blooming, near water
Talos Greek giant protector
of Minos island
Tamesis Greek Goddess of
the River
Tanith Greek Goddess of
Tannis Greek Hide Tanner
Tansy Greek, Hopi
flower name
Tarasios Greek of Tarentum
Taryn Greek queen
Tassos Greek Harvester
Teigra Greek Tiger
Tekla Greek divine fame
Telly Greek Wise, best
Telma Greek Ambitious
Terentia Greek guardian
Terri Greek Harvester
Tertius Greek The Third
Tess Greek fourth born
Thad Greek Praise
Thaddeus Greek Praise
Thadeus Greek Form of THADDEUS
Thady Greek Praise
Thais Greek the bond
Thalassa Greek from the sea
Thalia Greek blooming,
Than Greek, Vietnamese death, brilliant
Thanos Greek noble
Thea Greek, Laos goddess, sort
Thelma Greek nursing
Themis Greek Law &
Theo Greek Divine Gift
Theodora Greek gift of God
Theodore Greek gift of God
Theola Greek Divine
Theone Greek godly
Theophanis Greek God appeared
Theophilia Greek Loved Divinely
Theophilus Greek beloved of
Thera Greek wild
Theresa Greek reaper
Theresia Greek City in Ancient
Theron Greek hunter
Theta Greek Greek Letter
Thetis Greek Mythical Creature
Thina Greek Wise
Thisbe Greek where the
doves live
Thom Greek A Twin
Thomas Greek twin
Thomasa Greek twin
Thyra Greek shield-bearer
Tia Spanish, Greek aunt, princess
Tiana Greek Princess
Tiara Greek, Latin turban, flower
Tibalt Greek people’s prince
Tienette Greek crowned with
Tiffany Greek appearance
of God
Tim Greek To Honor God
Timandra Greek daughter of
hero tyndareus
Timeus Greek perfect
Timoleon Greek I honor what
I say
Timon Greek worthy
Timothea Greek honoring God
Timothy Greek honoring God
Titania Greek giant
Titian Greek red-gold
Titus Greek of the giants
Tom Greek A Twin
Tomai Greek Honoring Thomas
Triantafylos Greek rose
Trina Greek Pure. Nickname
for K(C)atherine & Katrina
Trinity Greek love
Tymon Greek honoring God
Tyrone Greek king


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Jan 17th, 2014