Visit Allou Fun Park in Athens, Greece

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Athens is the capital of Greece and as a result, there is no shortage of things to do, such as visiting the historical landmarks like the Parthenon, shopping, and eating some of the great cuisine.┬áIf you are there with family and want a bit of fun, spend time at Allou Fun Park. Here’s more information about this:

About Allou Fun Park

Allou Fun Park in Athens is the perfect destination for families. The park consists of games, rides, and many food spots. Allou Fun Park is the largest amusement park in Greece.

It’s strongly encouraged that young children be supervised at all times. Personal belongings are also the responsibility of the visitors to Allou Fun Park. Rides at the park are inspected and certified annually by TUV. The park also has a well-trained technical team that inspects and maintains all rides and equipment on a daily basis. Allou Fun Park is has an experienced security staff and infirmary in the event medical attention is required.

Visiting Allou Fun Park

There’s no shortage of fun to be had at Allou Fun Park. While here, there are plenty of experiences you can have. Here’s a look at some things you can do:


Hologate at Allou Fun Park is a virtual reality experience that anyone ages 6 or older can enjoy. Hologate is part of the largest virtual reality network worldwide. By putting on a virtual reality headset you will be transported into different worlds that include aliens, zombies, and robots. Imagine having a virtual snowball fight! You can do just that at Hologate.

Mission Vault

At Mission Vault, you can have a fun with the whole family. The goal is to open the Mission Vault safe. This game will require you speed, agility, and flexibility to navigate your way through a field of lasers. You will also complete challenges along the way. Touching a laser beam will give you a time penalty. This game can be played solo or in teams of two. Your goal is to get through with the fastest time.

Power Karts

Power Karts are for those 10 years and older. This is the craziest go-kart track in Greece and you can experience it at Allou Fun Park. Shock & Drop is a another ride that adrenaline junkies are going to love. This ride is open to all ages, you only need to meet the height requirement.

Star Flyer

Star Flyer is a unique ride that will take you to an impressive height of 72 meters. The speed of this ride is 30 km and will give you a breathtaking view of Athens! Anyone 9 years and older can experience this unforgettable ride.

For families with younger children, Kidom is where you’ll want to head. This kingdom of children is full of rides and games that are age appropriate. There is also food to be found in Kidom including popcorn, soft drinks, donuts, and more.

These are just a handful of the experiences you can have at Allou Fun Park. To get here once you are in Athens, you can get to Allou Fun Park by car, by bus, or by walking. The park is just a short distance from the city center making it convenient to get to.


Allou Fun Park

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