Visit Argostoli Harbor in Kefalonia

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Kefalonia, Greece is an idyllic destination. The beaches are pristine, the mountains are impressive, and the villages are rich in traditional character. At Argostoli Harbor you can experience much of what Kefalonia has to offer. Here’s what you should know about Argostoli Harbor.

About Argostoli Harbor in Kefalonia

The Bay of Argostoli in Kefalonia, Greece provides the town with one of the few natural harbors in the Mediterranean. Koutavos Lagoon is at the head of the bay. The lagoon was formed by the De Bosset Bridge, which was built in 1813. It is the longest stone bridge (689.9 meters) over the sea in the world. Today, the bridge is a pedestrian only bridge. In the past, it served as a bridge for cars and heavy good traffic. The northern end of the bridge was unpopulated in the past as it is today. The lagoon waters are shallow and not suitable for large boats.

The wide footpath of Argostoli Harbor is lined with palm trees that add to the tropical feeling of the area. The footpath is designed with black and white pebbles. The commercial activity of the town is centered around the harbor, which makes the area during the morning hours. The local fishing boats display and sell their catches of the day.

Visit Argostoli Harbor

Argostoli Harbor is a wonderful place to go for a leisurely walk or bicycle ride. If you enjoy a long walk, you can go past the marina at the edge of town and follow the wooded coastal road that leads to Katavothres, Fanari Beach, and the Fanari Lighthouse. Fanari Beach features grey and golden sand and warm, shallow water. You can see and access the lighthouse from the beach area.

While walking the harbor where the fishing boats sell their fish in the morning, you may be lucky enough to see the Caretta Caretta sea turtles. In addition to the turtles, watch for shoals of fish of varying sizes and colors.

While wandering the streets around Argostoli Harbor, you will find lots of shops, cafes, and bars to spend time at. You will want to cross the De Bosset Bridge. This is a once in a lifetime chance to be able to cross the world’s longest stone bridge that crosses over the sea. From your spot on the bridge, you can view the surrounding landscape and the harbor.

Nights at Argostoli Harbor are equally lovely. A stroll along the footpath is a wonderful way cool off during the warm summer months. There are benches where you can sit, enjoy the view, and people watch. The lights of the mountain villages across the bay are delightful to see. A walk along the footpath of Argostoli Harbor can add romance to date night.

Getting around in Kefalonia can be done by bus, which reaches even the most remote areas. You can also get around by taxi or rent a car. If you are coming from Lixouri, you can catch a ferry that goes right to the waterfront of Argostoli. These ferries run all day long and take twenty minutes.

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