Attractions to Visit in Amorgos, Greece

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Amorgos is a Greek island that is well-known for amazing sunsets, beautiful beaches, and charming villages. The island prides itself on keeping local traditions alive. The history of Amorgos is clear in the monasteries, archaeological sites, and other monuments. When visiting the Greek island of Amorgos, you will want to see these attractions.

Archaeological Museum of Amorgos

Housed in the Tower of Gravas in Chora, the Archaeological Museum of Amorgos showcases finds from the archaeological excavation of Amorgos. The tower dates back to the 16th century and is of Venetian architecture. Findings mainly come from the three ancient cities of Amorgos, which are: Aegiali, Minoa, and Arkesini.

The museum’s collections also include remains of the Minoan civilization that existed there over 4,000 years ago. Exhibits at the Archaeological Museum of Amorgos include a marble torso of a male statue that was found in Tholaria Aegiali, a marble female torso, ceramics, and sculptures.

Agia Triada Chapel

Just a 5 minute walk from Langada, in the northern area of Amorgos, Agia Triada Chapel is known as being the chapel that hangs on a cliff. The chapel overlooks the entire valley and the Bay of Aegiali. The chapel was built during a time when pirate attacks were common and it was used as a shelter. Visit this impressive chapel in a unique spot and enjoy the view as well. If you happen to be visiting during sunset, you’re in for a treat. A festival for Agia Triada is held 50 days after Greek Easter.

Secondary School of Amorgos

Located in Chora, the Secondary School of Amorgos was the first secondary school built in Greece after the War of Independence in 1821. This whitewashed building has a large yard and a red door. You can’t miss it while you are exploring the streets of Amorgos, Greece. The school was built in June of 1821 with the financial help of the Monastery of Panagia Hozoviotissa. The Secondary School of Amorgos is still used today.

Castle of Amorgos

The Castle of Amorgos was built by the Venetians in 1290. It was built to protect Amorgos and its residents from pirate invasions. The Castle of Amorgos is located on the Kastro (castle) rock that stands above the village of Chora. The rock is 210 feet high. The entrance of the fortress with its low gate can still be seen. The wall of the fortress has tapered openings that are wider on the inside. These openings were used to fire upon attackers. The climb to the Castle of Amorgos can be strenuous, but definitely worth it to see the view of the village and surrounding areas.

Capital of Amorgos

When visiting the island of Amorgos, you should definitely see Chora, the capital. This settlement is located at the central part of the island. The medieval settlement of Chora features stone windmills, whitewashed houses and labyrinth alleys. Loza is the central square where you will be charmed by its atmosphere. Amorgos is designated as a protected settlement.

There is so much to see when visiting Amorgos, Greece.

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