Lounge at the Chrissi Ammos Beach in Andros

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Chrissi Ammos is a popular destination that attracts thousands of tourists during each month, and the area contains gorgeous beaches, multiple types of coffee shops, local bars and several restaurants. The beach has sizable chairs, many umbrellas and other types of amenities. While the visitors are relaxing, the guests can also enjoy local music, and many musicians frequently play music on the beach.

About Chrissi Ammos Beach

The picturesque beach is located near several cities, and the beach is surrounded by sizable hills. The area contains multiple coves, numerous types of caves and local villages. If a visitor is standing on the beach, the guest can see large islands that are located near the beach. According to several testimonials, more than 1,000 tourists visit the beach every day, yet many local residents also relax on the beach.

The area has a Mediterranean climate, and during the summer months, the average temperature exceeds 82 degrees Fahrenheit. In the summer, the area usually receives less than 5 inches of rainfall. Throughout the autumn, the island has a median temperature of 75 degrees Fahrenheit. According to several reports, the beach usually contains less tourists during the autumn, and some hotels may substantially reduce their prices.

What to Do at Chrissi Ammos Beach

Once the tourists visit the beach, the guests may enjoy surfing, snorkeling, boating and swimming. The area is ideal for inexperienced surfers, and typically, the waters are very calm. The beach has multiple volleyball nets, and according to several reviews, at least 100 visitors play volleyball every day.

Many guests frequently enjoy scuba diving near the beach, and a local business has hired experienced employees who can teach the visitors. The guests may rent the necessary equipment, explore the shallow waters and observe marine animals.

The area contains several types of bars, and while you are exploring the beach, you can purchase beer, mixed drinks and various types of wine. Typically, the local bars remain open until 1:30 a.m., which leaves people plenty of time to enjoy the area long after night falls.

If you like local music, you will definitely enjoy this beach. Several musicians play local music every day, and the artists utilize large speakers that can increase the bass, enhance the treble and improve the experiences of the guests.

Once you visit the beach, you can find local merchants who sell many types of products. You may purchase souvenirs, local foods, water bottles and multiple types of clothes. The merchants also provide affordable prices, and the local sellers can answer your questions, offer custom crafts and describe nearby attractions.

Getting to Chrissi Ammos Beach

The beach is situated near two cities, and the area also contains a major road. Before you visit the beach, you could travel to Batsi, and this town contains many stores, large hotels and several restaurants. If you travel northward, you will eventually see the beach, the coffee shops and the nearby road. The beach is located within walking distance of several hotels, and once a pedestrian leaves a local hotel, the guest can usually reach the beach within 10 minutes.

While on the Greek island of Andros, you won’t want to miss the chance to visit Chrissi Andros Beach and the surrounding area.



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