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Top Places to Visit on Corfu With Families

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Corfu is an island in the Ionian Sea off the northwest coast of Greece. It is defined by its resort-filled shoreline and picturesque mountains. Although its character is traditional, it also has a cosmopolitan atmosphere. There are plenty of things for people of all ages to see and do while here, including families. Here’s more information:

Corfu Museum of Asian Art

Home to a great collection of artifacts, Chinese ceramics, and jade carvings, this Museum has something for everyone. Indian, Japanese and Chinese sections all boast lovely historical displays, each of which tells its own story. The collections contain over 10,000 artifacts from the 11th Century BC to the early 19th Century. Artistic collections include bronze Indian sculptures, Chinese porcelain and Japanese printed pictures.

House of Lena

The House of Lena Museum in Mykonos is a furnished, middle-class Mykonian house built in the 19th-century. Named after Lena Skrivanou, the home’s last owner, it contains old mirrors, wood carvings, painted plates, tapestries, and rich, antique furnishings. Two courtyards and a dovecote are also part of the structure, and it is a popular landmark among visitors from throughout Greece and other areas of the world.

Gyzi Castle

The Castle of Gyzi is part of Ano Mera Village, and is situated on a hill high above the center of the island. The structure dates back to the 13th Century and some parts of the Castle are still preserved in their original state. In this area, one can also view ancient Mykonian ruins, including an old fortification wall, ancient cemetery and prehistoric market. The 18th Century Church of the Holy Savior is located near the castle as well, and excellent views of the island’s northern side can be enjoyed from any standpoint nearby.

Delos Archeo Museum

Built in 1904, the Archaeological Museum of Delos grew from five to nine large rooms in which fascinating displays are located. Here, one can view rare historical statues, prehistoric pottery creations, and items used in the everyday lives of those who lived in Greece centuries ago. Displays change from time to time in the museum, and something new is constantly being added to bring visitors back in the future.

Maritime Museum

Since 1985, the Aegean Maritime Museum of Mykonos has been a favorite among those vacationing in Greece. The museum’s objective is to study and present Greek nautical history. The museum’s exhibits include ancient tools, centuries-old maps and engravings, historic shipping documents, and ship models from the early Minoan era until the early 1900s. It also houses manuscripts and rare books, and its gardens exhibit marble pieces and other items thought to be cargo from ships that were lost at sea.

Regardless of the personal preferences of each traveler, Corfu Island has something for everyone, including families. When planning a trip to any of the landmarks outlined above, visitors should make sure they have adequate time to view everything each one has to offer. It is wise to allow at least a few hours to fully experience all of these attractions.

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