Visit the Medieval Castle on Tilos Island

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Tilos has all the makings of an island that is just ripe for adventure. It isn’t the most popular island in Greece, but it is one that visitors do find. Those who do end up here over the more touristy islands all seem to be in search of the same thing. They want to explore a Greek island unrestrained, and they want to enjoy a sense of peace that they can’t find in some of the more built up areas.

One of the things that people enjoy once they do find their way here is the Medieval Castle, also known as the Castle of the Knights, that is near Megalo Chorio, the island’s capital. Here’s more information:

Getting to Tilos

Tilos is a small island, which means that the only way to get her is by boat. There is no airport on the island. However, you can take a flight to the nearby islands of Rhodes or Kos, both of which have ferries that depart regularly for Tilos. Otherwise, you can begin your journey by ferry in Athens or one of the other major ports in Greece. You may need to change ferries once or twice, however, in order to successfully make it to Tilos. If you know that you want to visit the Medieval Casltle at some point during your visit, you should also consider heading to Megalo Chorio, which is close to the castle. If you stay near this town, you will be able to easily access the castle once you’re ready to pay it a visit.

Visiting the Medieval Castle

The Medieval Castle, or the Castle of the Knights, is a popular site to see while on Tilos. This castle, which is actually more like a fortress, is reminiscent of the Byzantine Period and was built by the Knights of Saint John, who were headquartered on the nearby island of Rhodes. The castle itself was huge, and there was a whole village located within its walls, and historians speculate that the village helped protect the people from pirates and other invasions.

Those who visit the castle today are treated to a unique experience. This is not only a great place to learn about some of the history of the island, but it’s also incredibly pretty and scenic. The castle offers a great view of the water and surrounding countryside and it also boasts one of the best sunset views on the island. In order to get the most of it, it is a good idea to travel here close to sunset so that you can take some spectacular pictures. However, if you want to learn about the history, you’ll have to make sure the castle is open to the public. When it is, you will be able to view the inside as well as take tours.

While visiting Tilos, you’ll want to spend time at the Medieval Castle, or the Castle of the Knights. This is an important part of the history of the island and is also in a very scenic place with nice views.

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