Visit Mesta Village on the Greek Island of Chios

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Mesta Village is one among many villages based in Chios, Greece. We’ll look into what you need to know about Mesta in this article. You’ll learn about the activities that you can partake in a while in the village and some of the best places to visit while you’re in Mesta Village in Chios.

About Mesta Village in Chios

Mesta is a traditional Greek village, and it is based on an island known as Chios, Greece. The village belongs to Mastic Villages, which is a group of villages based in South Chios. The main activity that takes place in Mesta is the manufacture of mastic.

It has a unique look and feel to it. It is actually better not to think of it as a traditional village, but more like a castle that has unique architecture. It takes on the structure of some of the castle fortresses and structures you might find in central Europe. By looking at the castle, you’ll notice that the medieval architecture is impressive.

What to Do at Mesta Village in Chios

Within the village, there are no cars. There is only pedestrian access. You can visit different places within the village, including the Old Taxiarch church, which is intricately decorated and is quite appealing from the inside. You can also visit the Saint Nektarios church.

If you’re tired of visiting churches, you can go ahead and try out some doughnuts at Kanellos Donuts. You can try traditional loukoumades at the restaurant, and they’re similar to doughnuts, and they have traditional Greek toppings.

Here is a roundup of other things you can do while here:

Go Sailing. Since you’re in Chios, you can sail around, that is, if you don’t enjoy activities such as diving. You can explore the smaller islands in Chios. The boat trips can be either skippered or assisted.

Attend Festivals. Different festivals usually take place during Summer. If you’re lucky to be in Mesta Village in Chios during Summer, you can take part in these festivals.

Visit Beaches. There is the Apothia beach, and it is close to Limenas Mesta. The beach is in the form of a curving sandy cove with some trees that can provide the perfect shade during summer. There is also the Paralia Avlonia beach, and it is quite calm. You’ll get to enjoy the shallow waters at the beach. Keep in mind there is only one café at this beach, and it is only operational during Summer. The Paralia Salagona beach is also close, and you can try out different activities at the beach, including snorkeling during summer. There are also umbrellas that you can rent during summer.

When Should You Visit Mesta Village in Chios?

For starters, you should look into what you’re looking for in Mesta Village in Chios. We have noted that Summer is the best time to visit Mesta Village in Chios during June, July, & August since the temperatures are favorable. Some of the activities that you can enjoy during Summer include hiking. You can also visit some of the restaurants in Mesta Village in Chios as you enjoy the weather. Keep in mind August is usually crowded. The type of traveler that you are also matters in this case.

You can get to Mesta Village in Chios using a taxi or bus. There is a public bus transfer service based in Mesta Village, and it can take you to and from the Mesta port. There are also city buses that usually connect to the main port in Chios.

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