Outdoor Sports to Enjoy in Kassandra, Greece

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Kassandra, Greece is known for its nightlife, lively resorts, and beaches that play music. It’s the place to go if you’re looking for a party-type atmosphere, but Kassandra is also the perfect destination for anyone who loves outdoor adventures. Here are some of the outdoor sports you can enjoy when in Kassandra, Greece.

Go Rock Climbing

In Kassandra there is the rock climbing area of Loutra. Rock climbing here will provide you with climbs of up to 100 meters above the sea. If you are traveling with your family, this is the perfect activity. You can enjoy the beach as well as the climbing experience. Loutra offers rock climbing experiences all-year long. Loutra is becoming an established rock climbing destination that is becoming more popular with those who love this sport.

Go Hiking

Kassandra, Greece is home to many hiking paths. These paths vary in difficulty and length, so you will find something to suit your needs. Whether you are traveling on your own, with other adults, or with a family with children, hiking is a good activity to enjoy. One lovely hike is the one that goes from Sani to the Sani Bird Sanctuary and back again. This hike lasts about two and a half hours, but it is an easier walk through the woods.

The hike offers a wonderful view of the bird sanctuary that was created in the wetlands. A colony of turtles live there and tortoises can be seen in the woods. Another hike to enjoy when in Kassandra, Greece is the easy circular hike that goes from Posidi to Pinewoods and back around to Posidi. This hike takes about two hours.

Go Scuba Diving

The blue waters off the coast are very inviting and make an ideal scuba diving experience. The sea bed offers unique views you won’t see anywhere else. The many diving centers around Kassandra prove what a popular activity it is. Diving in Kassandra is available all year long. Popular diving sites include: the Mytilini wreck, which is a 36 meter-long cargo ship that sank in 1961 that is now full of marine life; Porto Valitsa, which is a site that is rich in caves, holes, rocks, and overhangs, and plenty of marine life; and Avlaki, which is a site with amazing walls that slope to the sandy bottom, octopi, scorpionfish, and more marine life.

Enjoy a Sunset Sailing Cruise

If you’re looking for a romantic outdoor activity to enjoy when in Kassandra, Greece, a sunset sailing cruise is perfect. This is also ideal if you are traveling with a group of friends. A sunset cruise includes cocktails, music, free wi-fi, Greek meze, and an experienced skipper and co-skipper. A cruise around the peninsula of Kassandra is a unique way to view the unique landscape of the area from your place on the water. Watching the sunset from your place on the water is a breathtaking experience.

Experience the great outdoors when in Kassandra, Greece.

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