What to do in Sidari, Corfu

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Cave where lovers carved they names on the stone wallCorfu is one of those islands that feels like it came out of another time. In fact, it was mentioned in the story of Odysseus – it’s the island where he was shipwrecked before being able to head home. In fact, nowhere is the enchanting nature of this island more pronounced than in the beautiful village of Sidari. Located on the northwest part of the island, this coastal village is a must-visit for anyone who comes to the island. Here are some things that you should do while here:

Visit the Canal d’Amor

Although this is referred to as a canal in its name, the Canal d’Amor is actually a beach. In fact, this location is physically beautiful due to its many rock formations, and even if you decide not to sit at the beach for the day, it’s still worth it to walk around and glimpse at its natural beauty. Visitors also enjoy outdoor activities here, such as snorkeling and scuba diving. Those who do decide to stay here and lounge at the beast won’t be able to resist going for a swim. It is referred to as the Channel of Love because legend has it that couples who swim through the channel will end up getting married.

Lounge at Sidari Beach

Sidari Beach is considered to be one of the best beaches on all of Corfu. Besides lounging on a sun bed enjoying the beautiful weather and scenery, you can also do other things here, such as walk. There are wooden boards set up on the sand to give people a chance to walk around and take in the beautiful scenery on food. This beach is also within walking distance of some of the resorts in the area, which means that it is a convenient choice for those staying in Sidari. There are also plenty of places to drink and eat here.

Enjoy the Water Park

If you’re tired of visiting the beaches but still want to enjoy the water, you should consider visiting the Sidari Water Park for a change of pace. This park has a variety of water-related activities, such as water slides and even a wave pool. It is also considered to be an extremely clean park, which makes the outing even nicer. There are also some sun beds to rent that will enable guests to relax in the sun.

Hang Out at a Bar

Besides being a beautiful village, there are also some bars that are worth visiting. These include the Siesta Bar, Mojitos, The Vine, and the Bolero Irish Bar. Each of these places has its own charm, which makes them all worth visiting! There are plenty of other bars in the area, too. Ask your hotel for recommendations as to the best choices.

In some ways, Sidari, Corfu has a lot of activities that are pretty typical of resort villages throughout Greece. There are plenty of resorts here, which means that there can be a bustling crowd of visitors during peak season. Packing your day with fun activities, such as visiting the Canal D’Amor, will make your stay great!


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