Visit The Zagorohoria in Northern Greece

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176850274The Zagorohoria is a preserved region of traditional villages located in Epiros in Northern Greece. It’s spread along the Vikos Gorge so it’s an ideal spot for hiking and outstanding views.

Some highlights of The Zagorohoria:

Vikos-Aoos National Park
One third of Greece’s plant life can be found here. The park features rivers, forests, lakes, and mountains. Many animals that are native to Greece live in the park including fish, foxes, hawks, river otters, and bears. This is a popular hiking destination.

Vidos Gorge
This is the world’s deepest gorge at 900m deep and 12km long. It begins near Monodendri in the south and runs north to the Papingo villages. Hiking the gorge takes around 6 ½ hours and is only recommended for experienced hikers. Proper hiking gear and plenty of water is needed.

Dilofo Village
The tiny and quiet village of Dilofo features great views of Koukouli. The Loumidi Mansion is an enormous building at 13.5m high. Legend is that it was built for a woman from Koukouli that was homesick, so that she could see her parents’ house from across the valley. The Church of Kimisis Theotokou is another site. It features intricate hand carved wooden iconostasis.

Negades Village
This village isn’t a high tourism destination. Its primary sight is the Church of Agios Georgios. It’s decorated with exquisite icons and a gilded hand carved wood iconostasis. It’s lined with frescoes and includes paintings of philosophers Aristotle and Plutarch. Notable frescoes include a fresco of Judas being devoured by a sea monster and a devil beating a husband and wife that didn’t get up to go to church.

Monodendri Village
Monodendri is Zagorohoria’s main settlement and is one of the most visited villages. It is close to the Vikos Gorge. The Moni Agia Paraskevi church provides spectacular views of the gorge. The frescoes in the church partially date to the 15th century. The Church of Agios Minas dates to the early 17th century and has frescoes dating from that time period.

Aristi Village
The Aristi Village features the Monaster of Panagia Spiliotissa, a narrow arched church. It is lined with frescoes and located on the side of a boulder by the Voidomatis River.

There are plenty of options when it comes to lodging in The Zagorohoria. The area primarily features bed & breakfast options. There are lots of tavernas in the area to enjoy and you can dine on wild boar, goat and other mountain creatures if you so choose.

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