Wineries to Visit in Kefalonia

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Wine is an important part of Greek culture and it is grown throughout the country. Each unique part of Greece produces wines that are slightly different. So, if you are familiar with the wines in one place, your palette will be pleasantly surprised somewhere else. In fact, Kefalonia boasts some of the best wineries in the country, so be sure to pay them a visit when you travel to the Hellas. Here are some wineries you should visit during your stay in Kefalonia:

Melissinos Winery

Sitting amongst black fir trees in Mt. Aenos National Park, the Melissinos Winery was started by businessman Nikos Petrakopoulos. This artisan winery has produced just 25,000 bottles in its tenure. Their most popular choice is Mavrodaphne black wine. It is one of their best wines that prove their commitment to quality over quantity. Two Mavrodaphnes and three Robolas boast the genius of the producers and the rich taste profile of the grapes.

Gentilini Winery & Vineyard

Gentilini is world-renowned and a must-see on your trip to Greece. At Gentilini, you will be able to chat with the producers while sipping on delectable wines. The Wild Paths Robola is exquisite, but Gentilini also proudly produces a silky Mavrodaphne. The Gentilini Winery & Vineyard was founded in 1984. Marianna Kosmetatos now operates the vineyard and its elaborate tours with her husband, Petros Markantonatos by her side.

Domaine Foivos

Located on the fringe of Lixouri, this winery is the oldest in the country! From rosés to reds, you will be able to experience varieties specific to Kefalonia. Foivos uses the traditional method of making and storing wine known as Amphora. This technique of storing wine in clay pots goes back to ancient Greece. Foivos also produces wine underwater. Domaine Foivos is a rare treasure for wine-lovers everywhere.

Sclavos Wines

Evriviadis Sclavos, the recherché producer at Sclavos Wines, takes his craft to the next level. Slow blossoming wines like Mavrodaphne and Vostilidi offer an experience for the five senses, especially for the smell. Sclavos’s Vino di Sasso Robola is a sensation. One thing is clear, Sclavos doesn’t rush anything when it comes to winemaking. In fact, the Metageitnion uses a blend of 100-year-old vines.

Haritatos Wines

Haritatos Wines is one of the newer wineries on Kefalonia but it is quickly establishing itself as a major player. They produce organic Robola and Muscat wines that are definite a crowd pleaser. The views are also incredibly scenic, which means this winery is a popular choice for tastings. Of course, it’s situated in the lovely town of Lixouri, so how could it not be stunning? Haritatos quality grapes are grown on a 40-acre vineyard that is beautiful beyond words.

When you visit these wineries in Greece, you are taking a step back in time, soaking in the beauty of nature, and also helping the local economies. While in Kefalonia, be sure to stop into some of these!

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