Deciding on a Second Date

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Are you Greek and single? Do you want to meet someone and have a long-term relationship? Well, it all starts with dating. Once you meet someone you are interested in, your next step is to go on your first date. But, it doesn’t stop there. After you go out once, the question remains – should you see them again? These points may help you decide.

Decide What You Want
Before you even start dating, it is a good idea to decide what you are looking for in a long-term partner. What kind of person is good for you? These considerations go beyond physical attraction, although that can also be a factor. You need to compliment each other and have the same goals and desires in life.

Trust Your Instincts
Most of the time, we have intuitive insight into whether or not someone is a good long-term match from the first time we meet them. If you ask people who have had failed relationships, they often say that they should have trusted their original instincts about a person. If something is nagging at your subconscious it can help you make a choice as to whether or not you should proceed with the second date.

Give People a Chance
While it is good to decide what we want and to trust our instincts, there is such a thing as being too particular. That is why it is a good idea to give people the benefit of the doubt by going out at least once or twice. Often, our first impressions are not even correct about a person. Getting to know them a little better will help you decide how to proceed.

Go Out More Than Once
Some people look for an initial spark before they decided if they want to continue seeing someone. Well, it is often difficult to determine if someone will be a good match for you unless you go out with him or her more than once. First dates can be stressful and when their nerves rule people, they don’t often show who they really are. Besides, compatibility and love can grow over time.

Knowing When to Stop
Sometimes, it is fairly obvious when a person is completely wrong for you. For example, if you suspect that they have the potential to be abusive, you won’t want to get mixed up with them. Also, don’t expect to change anyone. This never works and is a recipe for failure. If there is something you don’t like about them, it is better to walk away.

Dating can be tough. However once you finally meet someone and go out, the hard part is just beginning. How can you know if someone is worth pursuing after the first date? Often, you don’t know. In most cases, you’ll need to go out more than once. However, if you want to trust your instincts they are often correct.

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