Attractions to See in Thasos, Greece

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Thasos, Greece is an island that’s just a little bit off the beaten track. However, there is still enough here to keep you busy when you visit. It has all the great features that most places in Greek have, such as the amazing sunshine, wonderful beaches, and a cuisine that contains the best the country has to’s more information:

Monastery of Archangel Michael in Thasos

The Monastery of Archangel Michael is the largest on the island of Thasos. The monastery is located on the southeast coast of Thasos on a cliff. The Monastery of Archangel Michael sits at an altitude of 250 meters above sea level. Visiting the monastery will allow you a wonderful, endless view of the Aegean Sea as well as Mount Athos. The history of this monastery is closely tied to the Holy Nail from the right hand of Jesus. The Holy Nail is kept here and you can view it. There is also an arms exhibition and a gift shop that sells souvenirs that are made by nuns. If you follow a path down the steep cliff, you will you come to a water source that legend says can heal many diseases. The spring is in a small cave.

Sotirelis Olive Oil Museum

Located in Panagia, on the island of Thasos, is the Sotirelis Olive Oil Museum. At this museum, you will get a look into the one if the island’s oldest industries. The Sotirelis Olive Oil Museum is home to the only working water-powered mill in Greece. Production started at the factory in 1915 with the water from three mountain springs. The water would turn the mill and power was generated and transmitted to the machinery that produces olive oil.

You can also take a tour of the museum’s exhibit which will show you the process of how they produce olive oil. There are pictures and videos to view and learn more about the production process from the picking of the olives to pouring it into bottles. You can also explore and buy the Sotirelis Olive Oil Museum’s finished products.

Aliki Archaeological Site

Alykes is located at the southeastern part of Thasos, about 32 km from Limenas. During antiquity, the kingdom of Aliki had a large population and a port. In 1896, a Kouros that was well-preserved was discovered and has since been exhibited at the Museum of Istanbul. Thasos was famous for its marble during antiquity and you can see marble when you visit the Aliki Archaeological Site.

There are sheets of marble on the southeast side of the peninsula. When you stand on the edge, you will be able to see the wedges in the water. At the highest point of the peninsula, you can see what is left of two early Christian basilicas. These churches were often visited by sailors who shipped marble. If you look, you can see votive inscriptions they left.

Love Spring

Located in Panagia, in Thasos, Love Spring is charming attraction to stop and see when you’re strolling the village. It is believed that drinking water from the fountain will help with fertility. The fountain is a calming spot to sit and relax. The little town sits above Golden Beach and features quaint shops and houses.

While on Thasos, there are plenty of things to do. You won’t want to miss the chance to visit this beautiful part of Greece!

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