Visit the Archeological Site at Delphi

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Whether you’re staying in Athens and looking for a side trip or are touring mainland Greece, the ancient archaeological site at Delphi is a something that you really won’t want to miss! This is considered to be one of the most important archaeological sites in all of Greece and is especially ideal for those who love ancient history and mythology. However, anyone can surely enjoy a visit to Delphi. Here’s more information on the archeological site of Delphi:

Why Visit Delphi

As mentioned above, the historic sites at Delphi are considered to be amongst the most important archaeological sites in Greece. The reason for this is that the ancient site has both an historical and mythological importance. This place has made it into various myths and legends. The oracle’s name was Pythia, and anyone was able to approach her for her insights. The Oracle of Delphi, for instance, played a part in Oedipus’s famous tale, where she predicted that he would kills his father and marry his mother. Both of these events did prove to be true, according to the play.

Information About Delphi

So what is Ancient Delphi like? Even though it is in ruins today, the site is still impressive. Located on Mount Parnassas, the sprawling ancient complex at Delphi is made up of several buildings. However, it is important to understand that it wasn’t considered a city – it was a sanctuary for the oracle herself. Also referred to as the Oracle of Apollo, the Oracle of Delphi, or Pythia, lived in the sanctuary and awaited visitors so that she could make her predictions and insights. The Oracle was considered to be incredibly wise, and would pass along messages from the gods on matters of love, the state, and anything else they needed advice on.

Buildings at the Sanctuary at Delphi

Today, the sancturary is considered to be one of the top historical sites in all of Greece. People flock here every year in order to catch a glimpse of the ancient site where the oracle lived. They traverse up the pathway, which snakes its way up the mountain, in order to view the temples and structures that are left on the site. There are plenty of things to see as you traverse the path. For instance, there are structures known as “treasuries”, or monuments, that you can view as you climb. These were built by the city-states out of gratitude to the Oracle for giving them advice. There are also various temples to visit, such as the Temple of Apollo and also a theater and stadium.

In order to really make the most of your visit to the historic sites of Delphi in the countryside, it’s also a good idea to stop in on the Archaeological Museum of Delphi. Some recommend visiting it first before you visit the sites because the museum houses many of the artifacts. Either way, seeing both the historical sites and the museums will take a full day or more, depending on how interested you are in the history of the place.


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