What to Know About the Athens Riviera

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Athens is one of the most historic cities in the world. The famous city is known for its culture, diversity, and wealth. Athens possesses exquisite architecture and is known for its deep roots in history as well as being a thriving, modern metropolis. Although Athens itself isn’t directly on the sea, there is an area south of the city known as the Athens Riviera that is. Situated away from the bustle of Athens, the Riviera contains gorgeous beaches, lovely parks, and trendy restaurants. Here’s more information about visiting the Athens Riviera:

Why Visit Athens Riviera

The stunning Athens Riviera is situated south of the city of Athens. Visiting the area will offer you a relaxing and exciting holiday. You can swim, sit at a waterfront café, or explore the streets of the Riviera. The nightlife is lively, and you can enjoy excellent shopping opportunities. You can take a leisurely bike ride, or you can visit one of the recreational parks. You can enjoy participating in water sports, or you can just witness the amazing scenery of the area. The Athens Riviera provides you with an unforgettable experience.

How to Get to Athens Riviera

The two most popular methods of getting to the Riviera are by tram or by bus. If you choose to go by tram, you should take the 71 line from Syntagma. If you decide to travel by bus, you will take the B3 route or the E22 express bus. You can also take your own vehicle and enjoy the scenic drive.

What to Do in Athens Riviera

When visiting this coastal area of Athens, there are numerous things to do. Some of the most popular things to do in Athens Riviera include:

  • Boat Ride –  One of the best ways to enjoy the Athens Riviera is by boat! Whether taking a guided tour or enjoying the day on a yacht, enjoying the sea like this is part of what makes the area special.
  • Glyfada –  A popular district of the Riviera, while visiting this district, you can swim in the clear waters, or you can visit an elegant boutique. The area also includes a beautiful 18-hole golf course.
  • Voula – Here, you will find two spectacular beaches. You can jet ski, play volleyball, enjoy waterslides, or experience dancing. You can also swim in the gorgeous sea.
  • Vouliagmeni – This area is known for its stunning beach and the nightlife here is also very popular.
  • Varkiza – This is a fun place to pursue outdoor sports like windsurfing, swimming and even jet skiing.
  • Temple of Poseidon – This impressive structure made of marble is a temple dedicated to the god Poseidon.
  • Faliro – You can visit Flisvos Park and take bike rides or experience one of the recreation parks.
  • Anavissos – This Riviera town is famous for its amazing seafood. You can dine while overlooking the beautiful sea. You can also enjoy windsurfing.
  • Open-air Cinema – Located at Flisvos Marina, this cinema is a unique experience that you won’t want to miss.
  • Battleship Averof – You can learn about naval history while visiting this floating boat in the sea, which makes for an interesting outing.

The Athens Riviera is a gem that you will want to visit. The area contains natural beauty and stunning scenery. It is a perfect place to relax while also being close to the city of Athens. You can get the best of both worlds!

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