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Attractions to Visit in Halkidiki, Greece

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Halkidiki, Greece is a region that is known for its three jutting peninsulas known as the “Three Fingers.” These peninsulas are: Kassandra, Sithonia, and Athos. Each of the “fingers” is unique and has something different to offer. Halkidiki is considered one of the most exotic areas in Greece.

The seashores are sandy and the waters are varying shades of turquoise. Caves, steep cliffs, the scent of fresh pines from the pine forests, and the mountains all make Halkidiki an amazing place to visit. In addition to the natural beauty, Halkidiki offers archaeological sites, castles, museums, and much more. When visiting the region of Halkidiki, you will want to experience some of these attractions.

Tower of Prosforio

The Tower of Prosforio is the largest and most well-preserved tower in Halkidiki. The tower was built by monks who belonged to the Vatopedi Abbey in Mount Athos. It was constructed to protect the area from invasions during the 14th century. Features of the Tower of Prosforio include a bottom that is Byzantine architecture while second and third levels are Ottoman. The interior of the tower is constructed with wood from the 19th century. The tower has undergone a number of restorations over the years.

Lighthouse of Poseidi

Built in 1864, the Lighthouse of Poseidi is located at the end of Poseidi Beach. The lighthouse is colonial style and is still in working order today. Pine trees surrounding it and a small garden of flowers beside it, add to the beauty of this whitewashed lighthouse. In the early days of the lighthouse, the seawater would come very close, but over the years it has gradually backed away and sand has piled up in front of the lighthouse. If you’re spending time at Poseidi Beach, you will want to visit the lighthouse.

Cave of Petralona

Located near the village of Nea Moudania, the Cave of Petralona was discovered in 1959. It would undergo systematic excavations for a few years that revealed chambers and corridors as well we rock formations that resembled columns, cactus, and curtains. There are also water ponds, stalactites, and stalagmites. Maybe the most exciting finds were the Paleolithic tools, fossilized animals, and the cranium of a primitive man. The Cave of Petralona is open to visitors, so you won’t want to pass up on a chance to see this amazing site.

Waterfalls of Varvara

In a forest full of alders, lindens, beeches, and wild hazels, you will find two breathtaking waterfalls called the Waterfalls of Varvara. This attraction is ideal for families as you can get there by car and the area is not only beautiful, but serene as well. When you arrive, you will be able to see the waterfalls that flow into a ravine. The water from the waterfall leads to the Movrolaka River, which is the boundary between Varvara and Olympiada. A 5 – 10 minute walk will find you at the waterfalls There are wooden bridges and clearly marked paths. The whole family will enjoy this experience.

While visiting Halkidiki, you should consider enjoying some of these attractions!

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