Attractions to Visit in Kea, Greece

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The Greek island of Kea is rich in both natural beauty and important monuments and attractions. Although it isn’t as popular as some of the other islands, but it does have a steady stream of visitors. This is a great place for people to go to relax and unwind! When visiting Kea, Greece, don’t miss out on seeing these attractions:

Lion of Kea

Also known as Liondas, the Lion of Kea is a 9 meter long sculpture that was chiseled from a single block of limestone. It is thought to have been carved during the 6th century. The lion is a trademark of Kea located toward the spring of Kounderis. It can be accessed by visitors by way of a hiking path that begins in the Agios Spiridonas area.

Mythology says that Kea was first inhabited by the water nymphs who kept the island abundant in greenery. The gods were jealous of this beauty and sent a lion to chase the nymphs away. Sirius, the brightest star, would then scorch Kea and other islands of the Cyclades turning them into dry and barren landscapes.

Royal Oak Forest

The dry climate of the Cyclades, including Kea, makes the Royal Oak Forest a unique attraction to see when visiting the island. The mountains of Kea are teeming with oak trees. Not only does this greenery add to the beauty of the island, but the trees had great importance to the people of Kea, especially financially. Hamada, the shell of the fruit that comes from the trees, is high in tannins that are used in leather tanning. The Hamada that came from Kea was the entire supply for Greece as well as other European countries.

Church of Agios Symeon

Located on a hill at the western side of the island of Kea, the Church of Agios Symeon is one of the most beautiful churches you will find on the island. During the 20th century, the church was built over the ruins of the sanctuary of Aphrodite. Marble parts from the ancient temple were used in the construction of the Church of Agios Symeon. The church offers a wonderful panoramic view of the Aegean Sea and there is a lovely churchyard where you can sit and enjoy the view and the peace and quiet.

Enamel and Metallurgy Factory

Located at the entrance of the village of Korissia, the Enamel and Metallurgy Factory is the largest and the oldest metalwork factory in the Mediterranean. The factory was in operation from 1927 – 1957. In 1927, it was the only factory that produced enameled products including water bottles and helmets for the Greek Army. They also produced kitchen appliances and utensils for Greece and were the only ones to do so for a time.

The factory is now abandoned and closed to the public, but it is possible to get a look inside during special events and exhibitions that take place there. The old machines from the factory have been preserved by the Association of Friends of the Enamel Factory. Exploring the outside of the Enamel and Metallurgy Factory and the surrounding area should not be passed up.

While on the Greek island of Kea, you should visit these attractions!

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