Spend Time in Nature in Epirus in Northern Greece

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The majority of Greece, in both the mainland in the islands, is made up of mountains. This adds drama to the terrain no matter where you go. However, there are some regions that are more dramatic and hauntingly beautiful than others. In Northern Greece, for example, the Pindus Mountains is located in Northern Greece and also stretches into Albania. However, there are places even in Northern Greece that are more stunning than others. Epirus is one of those places. Here’s a look at what to do in Epirus in Northern Greece:

Archeron River

Since this area is stunningly beautiful, it makes sense that there are plenty of things to do in Epirus that have to do with nature. One of the best places for this to happen is at the Archeron River, where visitors report is a great place for a picnic, to go canoeing, for a hike, or even for a swim. It’s very easy to spend the day here relaxing and enjoying the natural setting.

Vikos Gorge

If you love hiking, you won’t want to miss the chance to visit Vikos Gorge! Although there are several ways to see this gorge, the best is to hike through it so that you can get some of the best views. Be sure to bring food and plenty of water, and to not take on more than you are capable of. To get the most out of this hike, you might want to consider hiring a guide. Hikers report that the trail takes about five hours to complete but that it is completely worth it because the views are so spectacular.

Papingo Rock Pools

You also won’t want to miss the chance to visit the Papingo Rock Pools while in Epirus! Not only is this a beautiful place, but it is also relaxing. People report that it is pretty easy to access while traveling on the main road in the area. This is a great place to dip your feet in the water, have a picnic lunch, and snap a few pictures. It’s everything that makes nature so great! Note that although it is easy to access from the road, you will need to hike down a short way before arriving at the rock pools themselves. Be sure to wear the right footwear and don’t forget your camera!

Lake Pamvotis

Another fun thing to do in nature in Epirus is to visit Lake Pamvotis and you can easily spend the day here. If you love to walk but don’t want to do anything strenuous, this outing is also perfect for you. There is a nice walkway that circles around the whole lake, and there is also a beachfront complete with cafes and bistros. On any given day you will see people of all ages enjoying nature and the beautiful sunshine. The paved walkway is perfect for strollers, walkers, runners, and anyone else who wants to enjoy the lake.

While visiting Epirus in Northern Greece, you won’t want to miss the chance to spend time in nature. After all, it is one of the prettiest places in all of Greece.

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