7 Interesting and Unique Places to Visit While in Santorini

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There is a certain charm to the island of Santorini that you will feel as soon as you arrive. The island sits perched in the sea and it has a unique landscape thanks to its turbulent volcanic history. It also has an enchanting quality because this one of the theories is that this island was once the Lost Kingdom of Atlantis, particularly the portion of the island that pummeled to the bottom of the sea after the Volcano erupted.

While here, there is no shortage of things to do. Whether you want to go shopping, eat some of the delicious food, or enjoy a day in the sun at the beach, you won’t be disappointed by what this island has to offer. Besides the typical sites, there are also some pretty unique things to do here, as well.

Here’s a look at some of the most unique and interesting places you can see while visiting the Greek island of Santorini:

Volcano Hot Springs

Evidence of Santorini’s volcanic history can be found all over the island. Whether you’re gazing at its unique landscape, lounging at one of the black sand beaches, or simply admiring the view of the caldera, the volcano is something that has been a part of this island’s history. If you are looking for an even more unique way to experience the volcanic nature of the island, consider taking a trip to the hot springs! Through these special trips, you’ll have a chance to not only look at the springs, but to actually swim in them.

Naval Maritime Museum

If you are interested in naval history, you might want to visit the Naval Maritime Museum located in Oia, one of the popular villages of the island. The Museum was founded by a Greek naval captain, Antonis Diakoronias, in 1956. It changed locations in the 1990’s and has been in that location ever since.

Nea Kameni – Santorini Volcano

The Santorini Volcano hasn’t erupted in thousands of years, but it is considered to be dormant and not extinct. Visitors to the island can actually visit the volcano! It is located in the sea just off the coast of Santorini and you can easily book a tour that will take you to the volcano.

Museum of Prehistoric Thera

The history of the island of Santorini is long, and there have been people living here for thousands of years. The relics on display at this museum showcase a part of the island’s history that is long past. Glimpse ancient artifacts such as pottery, utensils and other items found on the island. You can also learn about some of the island’s ancient history here.

Cape Columbo

Are you looking for a place to experience the natural beauty of Santorini? If this is the case, make it a point to spend time at Cape Columbo. Besides being physically gorgeous, this cape is also a small beach. There are no facilities here but that shouldn’t stop you from spending a relaxing day in the sun here!

Kamari Open Air Cinema

If you are looking to watch a film while on Santorini, consider visiting the open air cinema at Kamari, which is located in Kamari village. No matter where you are on the island, you can either hire a cab or drive your rental care in order to get here. Be sure to check the film listings before you arrive!

Lost Atlantis Museum

The island of Santorini is filled with mystery, and much of this feeling has to do with the evidence of volcanic evidence that can be found here. One of the theories is that the island, or at least the portion that pummeled to the sea after a devastating volcanic eruption, is actually the Lost Kingdom of Atlantis. The Lost Atlantis Museum explores this possibility.

While visiting the island of Santorini, you won’t want to miss the chance to see these sites!

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