Enjoy the Naval Maritime Museum on Santorini

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While visiting the beautiful Greek island of Santorini, do not miss a trip to the traditional town of Oia. There are many things worht noting here, such as the original homes where Venetian sea captains lived and the traditional the “cave houses” where the villagers resided. There is also a big maritime presence on the island and there is a museum here that celebrates it. This museum is one of those places you won’t want to miss. Here’s more information:

Getting to the Naval Maritime Museum

Since the museum is located on Santorini, you need to know the options you have when traveling to the island. Athens offers year long flights, averaging about 45 minutes, to the Santorini National Airport. During peak season, you may be able to book a direct flight from other locations, such as London, Milan, Brussels, Amsterdam, and Zurich.

To avoid a flight, you can also catch the ferry from the port of Pireaus, which is located about an hour from the airport in Athens. There are three different ferries that leave from the port, ranging in length from 5 hours to 10 hours, depending on how much you want to spend on a ferry ticket.

About the Naval Maritime Museum

The Naval Maritime Museum is located in the town of Oia, located in the northwestern part of Santorini. Once you reach Santorini by plane or ferry, the museum is only 17 kilometers from the airport and 19 kilometers from the ferry port.

The museum was originally founded by the captain of the commercial navy, Antonis Diakoronias, in 1956. In 1990, the museum was relocated to a newly restored 19th century mansion, where it is currently located today. The two story former captain’s house, located in the highest part of Oia, was redone to match its original look.

What You Will See at the Naval Maritime Museum

The Naval Maritime Museum contains a variety of exhibits to give you an idea of the nautical history of the town and island. Upon entering the museum, you will find various original naval instruments, including log meters, sextants, portholes, hanging hurricane lamps, anchors, propellers, and nautical charts and maps. Each tool is accompanied by an explanation of how the sailors used the instrument. Two of the most famous tools in the museum are a large foot operated lathe and a manual driller.

In the library of the museum, you can explore the historical records of the navy, such nautical charts, loggers, delivery dockets, and charter parties. The upstairs of the museum continues the history lesson with a variety of sailing tools, model ships, and a few original figureheads.

For the art lovers, there are also a large variety of watercolor paintings, along with portraits of the local captains. Photographs displayed around the museum show family portraits, ships, crew portraits, and the village itself.

While visiting the beautiful island of Santorini, make a stop at the Naval Maritime Museum for a taste of the history of the region.

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