Visit Egremni Beach on the Island of Lefkada

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As one of the world’s earliest civilizations, the country of Greece is rich in history and culture, and its beauty draws many visitors each year. Egremni beach is situated in the southwestern part of Lefkada Island, which takes its name from the capital city, located approximately 30 kilometers away.

About Egremni Beach

The unique beauty of Egremni Beach has made it one of the world’s most photographed landscapes. Additionally, the water surrounding the beach is clear, turquoise blue and provides one of Europe’s best settings for swimming. Egremni Beach is also one of Lefkada’s longest beaches, measuring over 2.5 kilometers in length. Anyone seeking peace and relaxation in a picturesque environment will probably not be disappointed with this beautiful area of Lefkada.

Getting to Egremni Beach

Due to its length and somewhat obscure location, Egremni beach typically does not become overwhelmed with crowds during any season of the year. However, arriving at the beach early is a good idea so that you can avoid traffic congestion on the island’s narrow roads.

Similar to its nearby neighbor, Porto Katsiki, Egremni Beach is not easily accessible, as it is surrounded by high cliffs. Therefore, you should keep in mind that you cannot drive directly to the beach. The route you must take involves driving first to Athani Village, after which the trail to the beach becomes more of a pathway than a road. Approximately 300 steep steps will take you down the rocky path to Egremni, but you will likely find it well worth the effort.

Things to Do on Egremni Beach

Despite the presence of tourists, the beach’s rocky landscape offers a feeling of pleasant isolation. Several beach bars located directly on the shoreline, and each is organized well, with long rows of umbrellas and lounges that stretch to the end of the beach. You can also trek to other areas of beach that are more private, if you have a more intimate experience in mind. Watching the area’s breathtaking sunsets is also a daily activity at Egremni, and its tiny pebbles beautiful Ionian sand make it comfortable for sunbathing.

You can enjoy body boarding, surfing or sailing as well, as the shores of Egremni are ideal for such activities. The beach also offers excellent opportunities for photographers and artists, as the region is considered an idyllic place for nature-lovers in search of an unspoiled paradise.

Things to Keep in Mind

It’s a great family spot, but there are no life guards on Egremni Beach, and therefore you should exercise caution if you are not a good swimmer or plan to bring children to the beach. Additionally, no water sports equipment rentals are available, so you must remember to bring your own gear. There are no beachfront resorts or villas located directly on Egremni Beach, but studios, holiday apartments and villas can be booked in nearby Athani, either. 

As you can see, Egremni Beach is a beautiful place to visit on the island of Lefkada. In order to best enjoy this beach, you should bring everything you need to enjoy it. You can see the sites after you’re done lounging!

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