What to Do When Visiting the Region of Sterea in Central Greece

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When most people think of traveling to Greece, they make plans to visit popular places like Athens or maybe one or two of the more well known of the Greek islands. There is so much more to the country than that, however, that you should consider visiting some of the other places. The region of Sterea, which is located in Central Greece, is a great place to visit not only because of its rich history, but also because it is a great location to observe Greek life at its finest.

Back in Ancient Greece, many of the most prominent regions and city-states were located in either Sterea or the Peloponnese. That is why, when visiting Sterea, you’ll want to take some time to visit some of the archaeological sites, such as the one that is located at ancient Delphi. Here’s a look at what you can do while visiting this historical region:

Archaeological Site of Delphi

Delphi not only has an important part in Ancient Greek history, but it is also prominent in Greek mythology. Visitors can view what’s left of it by visiting the Archaeological Site of Delphi. Here, visitors can take a look at historical sites like the Temple of Apollo and was considered to be the “omphalos”, or the “naval of the world.” Since this is where the Oracle of Delphi was said to have lived, it was considered to be a religious center. However, Delphi was also a symbol of unity between Greece and the people in the rest of the world. People from all over the world would trek here for religious pilgrimages, as well. This is also listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Greek Island of Evia

The beautiful Greek island of Evia is also located in the region of Sterea and it is absolutely worth a visit. As the second largest island in Greece, there is certainly plenty to do here! As mentioned above, the whole region of Sterea is one of the oldest in Greece. This means that there are plenty of archaeological finds located throughout the island, so if you enjoy learning about the Ancient History of Greece, you will want to seek out these places. There are also some gorgeous beaches, a thriving nightlife, and also plenty of natural beauty to keep everyone happy. You can arrive at the island by ferry or by taking one of the two bridges that connects the island to the mainland.

The Town of Lamia

Lamia is a town that is located in the northern part of the region of Sterea. One of the things that sets this village apart is the fact that the town is filled mostly with locals. Since it is tucked out of the way from some of the major tourist sites, the place isn’t packed with visitors. However, there is a healthy local population, which means that it has a tendency to be vibrant and full of life all year long. This is the place to go to get away from the crowds and observe every day life!

As you can see, the region of Sterea in Central Greece is absolutely worth a visit!

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