Be Sure to Visit Santorini’s Red Beach

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Santorini is a beautiful Greek island that has had a violent geological past. The island itself is actually a dormant volcano that rarely erupts. However, the last documented eruption took place in the 1950’s. Despite this, visitors flock to the island because they are enchanted by the scenery, and evidence of the island’s volcanic history is present all over. One of the most popular reminders of this volcanic activity can be found at Red Beach, which owes its unique red sand to Santorini’s volcanic history. Here’s some information about this beach:

How to Get to Red Beach

This beach is located near the village of Akrotiri and you have two basic options for reaching it. There is a road that reaches the beach, which means that you can take a taxi, drive a car, or take a bus to the main parking lot. Once you arrive at the parking lot, you’ll need to trek down to the beach itself on foot. There is also a boat that goes from Akrotiri to the beach itself. If the thought of hiking down the steep path doesn’t interest you, the boat is an excellent alternative. However, be sure to check he ferry schedules.

Enjoy the Stunning Scenery

Red Beach is particularly known for its scenery. However, because of the unique geography of the island, the parking lot is set on top of some cliffs, and the beach itself is located below the cliffs. However, before you even make the descent on the short walking path down onto the beach, there are some stunning views from the parking lot itself.

Be sure to snap a few pictures before you descent the path to get to the beach.  Once you arrive at the beach, you’ll have an entirely different view. Instead of gazing down at the beach from on top of the cliffs, the cliffs will be above you. The combination of the cliffs, the red sand, and the Aegean sea make this beach truly stunning!

Ideal Beach for Outdoor Activities

Once you’re on the beach, you’ll notice that it is the ideal spot for various physical activities. The water here is very warm, which means that it is an excellent beach for swimming. Besides that, it is also a popular spot for divers and snorkelers. If doing these activities is something that interests you, you might want to consider hiring a guide who can take you to all the most interesting places

Red Beach is conveniently located near the popular village of Akrotiri. It has a reputation of being one of the most beautiful beaches not only on the island of Santorini, but also in all of Greece. As a result, it has a tendency to get a little crowded. In order to increase your enjoyment of this beach, it is a good idea to travel during the warmer off peak months, such as May, September, and October. However, if you do find yourself here during peak season, you won’t be disappointed. It’s a great beach to visit year round!

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