Attractions to Visit in Kimolos, Greece

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There are so many places to visit in Greece that it can be hard to choose. While there are some of the major islands and places to visit that always top people’s lists, there are some wonderful islands that are a bit more off the beaten track.  The Greek island of Kimolos is rich in geological monuments, breathtaking architecture, and wonderful beaches. You will find no shortage of attractions to visit when spending time in Kimolos, Greece.

Castle of Kimolos

Built on the foothills of Xaplovouni in Kimolos is the Castle of Kimolos. The castle is divided into two sections. One section is the older residential part is the medieval castle dating to the 14th – 16th century known as Exo Kastro. Exo (Outer) Kastro consists of two house complexed and a series of houses in the center. This part of the castle is square-shaped and the houses are built with the hard rock of the area. 123 houses were built in this section. The second section of the Castle of Kimolos is the Inner Castle, which is in ruins today. Exo Kastro has two gates.

The Lower Gate at the south side and the Upper Gate on the eastern side next to the Folklore and Maritime Museum. The Castle of Kimolos was set on fire in 1638 by pirates and the gates were restored in 1646 and 1650, which you can see inscripted on them. More towers were then added to strengthen the castle. When visiting the Castle of Kimolos, you will be interested to know that the closer a house stands to the castle, the older it is.

Natural Monument of Skiadi

The Skiadi is a natural monument that resembles a large mushroom. This monument stands in the middle of a barren plateau in the northwestern part of the island of Kimolos. This huge stone monument was created by various rocks and the strong winds that blow in the area. Softer rock is at the bottom is corroded by the wind, which makes it more narrow. The top is created of created of harder rock and has remained intact.

This monument is rare not only in Greece, but in the entire world. If you’re visiting Kimolos, you will want to see the Natural Monument of Skiadi. The site overlooks the western and southwestern coasts of the island as well as a large part of Milos.

Folklore and Maritime Museum of Kimolos

The Folklore and Maritime Museum is located in a two-storey in the Castle of Kimolos. The museum was founded by Dr. Manolis A. Christoulakis. The aim of the museum is to save and preserve the old heritage and popular culture of Kimolos. The ground floor consists of a small room and a large hall. The big hall showcases items used in various professions. On display are weaving textiles and ornate embroideries.

There are also tools used by farmers, shoe-makers, carpenters, and tailors. Also showcased are pottery and old dishes. In the small room there are two working hand-looms and other related tools. At the Folklore and Maritime Museum of Kimolos there is also an historical drawing that represents that victorious sea-battles of the Greek fleet against the Turkish fleet that occurred in 1912 and 1913.

Visit these attractions when in Kimolos, Greece.

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